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Viener Yeshivah video - insanity or stupidity

Recently a fifth grade English teacher at the Viener Yeshivah in Boro-Park posted on the internet a couple of videos that he recorded of his class. The teacher obviously was not using, or does not have, a brain when, first of all, he recorded the video, and secondly, posted it for all to see. The question however is, why are Yeshivahs hiring such idiots to teach Yiddishe kids?

This teacher, as most of the secular studies teachers in Yeshivah, most probably received absolutely no formal educational training and maybe holds a high school diploma. Since there is barely one-and-half hours of English studies a day for Yeshivah students there are two types of people that usually end up teaching secular studies in Yeshivahs. The first type are public school teachers who are looking to supplement their income a bit after their regular school hours, whom due to new Frumkeiten are no longer hired because it isn't right to have Goyim teach Yiddishe kinder. And the second type are either Kollel Yingerleit, or leidigeiers that do nothing else all day, both which are grossly unequipped and unqualified to teach children secular studies.

The posting of this video shows more of an IQ deficiency (as one can see if they watch the other videos that this user has posted) than anything else. With the importance that Yeshivahs, and unbelievably parents as well, put on secular studies, it is no wonder why the Frum English teachers of each generation get stupider and stupider. Just think of what kind of Yeshivah secular education this teacher must have gotten himself.

If Yeshivahs really want to avoid such stupidity from taking place (and these videos are not the worst stupidity to take place in a classroom yet) they need to put more of an emphasis on secular education in Yeshivah and hire qualified teachers or just forget about it altogether and just drop the whole English thing from the curriculum.

where are those videos posted?



It's pathetic how you and your fellow self-improving Torah Yidden so often endeavor to flaunt your self-proclaimed "sophistication" by trashing the Chareidi community's norms, policies, and gedarim.

Are secular studies programs often in horrible shape? Yes.

But as one who was taught by those "great, professional" public school teachers (many of them non-Jews, I might add), and who has many relatives and friends who are graduates of those ivory tower insitutions known as colleges and universities, I'd like to reassure our heimishe audience that those teachers were no more intelligent or wise -- and they were only slightly more wordly -- than the teachers my children have.

No ne can infuse intelligence into another person, and PARENTS need to do a better job of teaching their kids middos and derech eretz. Then yeshivos might be able to hold on to more normal teachers.

I know that you must all be cringing - including all those "chinuch wise men" like RYH for whom the parents can never, chalilah be to blame.

But at least this will give you come cud to chew over.


As an English teacher in a Monsey 'chasidish' yeshiva myself, I must both agree and disagree with the article. First of all, the reason why it is so 'impossible' to get qualified English teachers is because the schools are TOO CHEAP to pay a decent salary to get them. They are so busy knocking the entire English dept and teaching the kids to do the same, that they get the staff they deserve.
In my case, I have been in this school for years and am still barely earning a decent wage..and the 'koilos' that go on at the end of each year when I ask for a halfway decent wage, are beyond ridiculous. Since when is 5-10$ a week considered a decent raise for ANYONE..and yet I cannot even get that!!!!
I must agree that it was an asinine thing for this teacher to do, but from my own experience in working for these people, I must say, I am not surprised...and let me add that as a female teacher, who has much more sensitivity to children thatn this male teacher obviously has, AS WELL AS A DEGREE, I would never do such a thing. Perhaps this will open up the eyes of those who hire teachers like this to 1. pay more to get decent teachers and 2. hire women instead of only men!!


Another factor to be taken into consideration is that any English teacher of a chassidishe yeshiva who visits this blog must also have a deficient IQ level and therefore should not be teaching our children.



Here you can see 4 clips of the belzer yeshiva I don't see any thing wrong with it.


in crown hights, the boys yeshivah (with over 1000 talmidim) does not have any secular studies, and somehow the boys make it!


Anonymous December 16, 2007 5:13 PM
I think you are the teacher that posted the Vien videos on youtube


In BP many Chassidishe yeshivas only have 1-2 ours a day for secular studies. Because of this when it's time for the children to get out and earn a living they only get menial jobs since they're totally uneducated.

In many of the che Cassidishe families parents do not allow for children to continue on to college.


If you read the teacher's comments, I think you will see that he was well intended. People do things that they think are good things, and they turn out to be mistakes.

Why are we constantly attacking mistake makers????

This well-intended teacher was making a type of scrap book of these kids whom he adored and cared for. He was not computer savvy enough to realize it would become publicized. He thought it would be like an online albut that he could send people a link to to enjoy seeing their kids, etc.

Yes, he was wrong to post it on UTube. But, he already openly apologized, in a long, detailed letter.

Furthermore, many who take these very low paying jobs, do so only because they love kids, and want to make a difference in their lives. Can we try to appreciate them?

As I read these blogs, again and again I see people being trashed for making mistakes, and no one appreciating the efforts of these people.

Let only those who have never made mistakes post here!
Ooops... I better leave, I have made many mistakes. Thank G-d you don't know about my small mistakes, you would all attack me too.


many chassidishe yeshivas do not teach secular studies to the boys. Since they're uneducated they earn a meager salary. There are many families that do not allow their children to go to college to become some kind of professional.


i have a freind that was in veiner yashiva and he told me all the time that not only do the teachers say profound things but so do the rabeim like rabbi aush they need to seriously either shut down or find someone responsible to run that so called yeshiva


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