Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chaim Mozes, proud father of the first child born at Maimonides Medical Center in 2008

From the Bay News

Since when do yidden celebrate the first of the goyishe year??? so big deal, it was the first child born on Jan 1 and there was another born on the 2nd - and on the third, etc.....
Now, if you would have said Rosh Hashonoh, now were talking....


Ahhh "rebbe"?

How about Mazal Tov? Or would that be thinking too far out of your comfort zone?


My apologies, you are indeed correct, a Mazal Tov is certainly in order.
My sincerest best wishes to the Mozes family upon the birth of their baby, may they see much nachas.


Where would the yiddin be without the Gregorian Calendar? They would have shown up to Federal Court on January 1st! All kidding aside, we, yiddin, must use the "goiyishe" calendar. The Muslims year is based solely on the moon. The goiyishe calendar is based solely on the sun. Our calendar is based on the sun and the moon! There is a significance on using the Gregorian Calendar to a certain extent. Sh'yiche L'orech Yomim Tovim, Amen


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