Friday, January 18, 2008

Confusing traffic light

Either it says Walk and Don't Walk at the same time, or it's a new type of traffic signal.



Ha! Just like in "613 Torah Avenue - Songs for Chumash Bereishis", where the traffic light keeps saying, "Walk! Walk! Walk!, and then "Don't Walk! Don't Walk! Don't Walk!"

Thanks for the laugh!


now THERE'S something you don't see everyday (eye roll).


Its posts like this that help make this site so rusty!


more details. what street? what avenue? were the police notified?

what will those 2 elderly people in the photo do when they reach the corner?

this must be fixed


It's not 2 elderly people. It is one elderly white-bearded person walking with a young girl.

Perhaps if we call the DOT (311) right now, they can fix it before those 2 individuals make it to the corner.


13 & 54, NE corner


this probably happened when the yingerman crashed into the pole
oh wait, if a yingerman crashed it would be on Chaptzem.
Sorry, I'll go back to my hole.


I think that means Yeshiel (Reb Jerry) Brauner is in the area!


its not him in the picture?
then why is it here?


Whats So Shver? Do Exactly What It Says Walk And Dont Walk


just call 311 tell them were the problem is they come and fix it right awayv


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