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Giants NFC win attributed by some to Tefilin

Just a little while ago the New York Giants had little chance of even coming close to the NFC, let alone the Superbowl. However that has all changed, due to the Mitzvah of Tefilin, according to Rabbi Yisroel Shemtov. Rabbi Shetov, a Kapatah store owner from Crown Heights, claims that the Giants' newfound vigor and rise to victory as the NFC champions is all thanks to Tefilin. In this exclusive story, Chaptzem has learned from a source close to Rabbi Shemtov that over the past few weeks Rabbi Shemtov has been putting on Tefilin with a Jewish Giants big shot that he had been dealing with in business over the past few years. Rabbi Shemtov had originally promised the Giants big shot that if he would put on Tefilin his team would win the game. From then on each time the Giants big shot would put on Tefilin, the Giants would win the game. The Giants big shot even got all his Jewish friends in the Giants organization to put on Tefilin along with him. Now many Yidden who could barely feel their Pintele Yid are putting on Tefilin all because of the Giants and the Superbowl.

Can he do something for the Yankees?


Oy!Please, no more of these Chabadsker meshigassen.They took credit for some Israeli basketball team winning once upon a time to.
Why can't they just take care of all the nebach lost souls roaming around C.Heights???


whata pretty pile if horse manure


Who cares ...as long as they keep winning!!! GO GIANTS!!!!


How about the NY Mets...The Wilpon family is jewish.


what!! why would people put this guy down. Who cares what people claim the outcome will be, the bottom line is that this guy has just gotten a handfull of jews to do something that they would not have done. the fact that you would go out of your way to put these people down just proves who the real losers are


So the GIANT big shot put on tfilin. But does he keep kosher? Does he keep Shabbos? Does he keep taharos hamishpacha? The Rebbe (shlita/zatzal) always said that these three things are of utmost importance. If he only puts tfilin after a number of years. I am afraid Rabbi Shemtov has not argument. Rabbi Shemtov please honor us with a response.


Shkoiach R' Shemtov!!

Those of you with sinas chinam in their hearts make me sick. A beautiful mitzvah is being performed and all you can do is find room to hate. What are YOU contributing to bias hamoshiach? Keep your hate to yourself.


any news on the new rosh yeshiva in mir??


I put Tefilin on, still can't win at basketball. what's the secret?


why does putting on tefilin have an effect on a sports game? Does this Rabbi really believe this?


2:13 ...are you 7 ft tall? No? That might be the problem


What would happen if a "big shot" from the opposing team put on tefillin? Does anyone think that Hashem cares who wins or loses a game? It's just a game.


the giants will have to put on rabbeinu tam if they want to win the superbowl


Ashreinu shyesh lonu rebbe kazeh...you snags just don't get the basics of yidishkeit and Tefilin, what about mitzvah goreres mitzvah? Nothing! and you call us ameratzim? You are so ignorant in the basics of judaism i.e teffilin, inyonei moshiach that any 13 year old kid in chabad can embaress your elders on the topic...If you do not understand why Teffilin help you in ur day to day lives and klal yisroel as a whole and neshomas after 120 then either learn some more gemarah or have your own teffilin checked again. yechi hamelech!


Actually we took credit for more then a basketball game and a giants game...we give credit to our rebbe shlita for winning us the 6 day war in 6 days directly because of mivtza teffilin!


I heard that the 6 day war was really won in 5 days. Just the guys in Crown Heights asked for one more day since they needed to get their tefilin back from the sofer in Williamsburg.


Reb Sholomo (Alan) Veingrad puts on tefilin everyday. Reb Shlomo used to play for the Packers (and Cowboys) and look who prevailed. I guess it does make sense, my friends. Is Brett Favre a yid?


its not a matter of who put teffilin on... so it means he's a guaranteed winner..just look at the beauty of getting any yid to just doing a mitzva wherever whenever. whatever his background or his future may bring. one mitzva leads to another so you have to start somewhere. Bravo to rabbi shemtov..tizku lmitzvos


Brett Favre was actually born Beirish Favreshtein.


obviously when they guy put on teffilin it was in order to help the giants win, so it obviously helped them win. Hashem listens to every prayer. Especially from a yid who hasn't presumably put on teffilin for a long time his prayer is heard as an only child coming back from a long time being away.
btw i have some inside news on this story as i heard it a few weeks ago when the giants won the wildcard game i belive. and not only did this guy put on teffilin but Shem Tov went to the Rebbe's Ohel and asked for a bracha the Giants should win...


I think the issue is not if you believe or not, after all there is now way of knowing exactly the hashgochoh of the bashefer.

What is disturbing though, is that some of the commenters seem UNABLE to believe that hanochas tefillin could affect the outcome of the game. If you really don't believe that the koiach of a mitzvah, especially a mitzvah such as tefillin, can make the entire derech hatevah stand on it's head, then it's time for you to go back to elementary and learn your torah over, this time from a yireh shomayim


Go Yisroel!
You rock!
(mazal tov on becoming an elter zayde!)


Yes, "UNABLE" to believe that there is a correlation between a man puting on teffilin and the Giants winning. A very simplistic and childish view.


Nothing can be done for the Yankees because Steinbrenner is a filthy German self-proclaimed Sonei Yisroel and there are no Jewish players on the team either...as for the Mets, Shawn Green cant hit or catch a baseball on steroids but now I know why they got him...Shawn Green: The official Teffilin Leiger of the New York Mets.


My rav just called to tell me that Derek Jeter wants to convert to Judiasm so he can become the official Teffilin Leiger of the New York Yankees. As soon as those black boxes touch Jeter's arm and head, we're gonna have a really spiritually heated subway series...


This NY Giants "bigshot" cant be any of the players.. Of the 53 players on their active roster only 14 are white to begin with. of the 14, half are Irish and the other half dont claim to be Jewish either. Tom Coughlin isnt Jewish and neither are any of the other coaches. John Mara's probably not jewish...we're left with GM Jerry Reese and Co-Owner Steve Tisch who both have very jewish names..come to think of it, I think I noticed teffilin marks on Tisch's head when the NFC trophy was presented to him. AHA! So now we know who's responsible for all this hokus pokus!


maybe the patriots have some jewish people that helped them win by putting on tfillin.then whose going to win the superbowl ? figure it out rav shemtov


this is just plain not nice- Yisroel Shemtov is doing an amazing thing- how many of you can say for yourself that YOU changed someones life for the better and now hes starting to do a mitzvah everyday. MOST OF YOU SHMUCKS PROBABLY DONT EVEN PUT ON TEFILLIN DAILy!! well these very rich GIANT FANS ARE!! SO stop living up to your name of snags and for once be a JEW!!




Schar Mitzvah Bhai Almah Lekah


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