Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hitler Medaber Mitoich Groinoy

this is so funny!


This is not funny at all! HE has enough of his own crap that he says. Hittler will rot in HELL for his words, and this PUTZ will rot in HELL for his! There is no need to combine the actions of 2 evil SOBs




that will be cool


im not sure who should be more insulted?


This is awful. How dare you put Hitler's words in a fellow Yid's mouth? How dare you compare a fellow Yid to Hitler?

This is not funny. You may not like the man, you may disagree, but he is a fellow Yid.


Can somebody please tell me who the hell this guy is and what the hell he's saying?


to anon,

this man is a Jew hater who wants Iran to bomb and kill Jews and this man has particapted in holocaust denial fest in Iran togther with KKK Leader David Duke his name is Mr. David Wieess he lives in Tziyoni section of Monsey.


not funny at all.its one thing to compare saddam hussein or arafat but not a fellow yid


Why is this infantile humor funny?


This man is a Jew. He does NOT want anyone killing Jews! Just because a man disagrees with you and is against the "Medina" and is trying to make friends with the Moslems, does not make him a Jew hater, or G-d forbid a man who would want to see Jews die.

To say that is awful.

You may disagree with him, and so do I. And, Yes, he wants the Medina to fall, but without Jewish loss of lives.

THAT is the purpose of his and that other guy, Frieman's actions. They hope that by making friends with the Arabs/Persians/Muslims, and showing them that ONLY SOME JEWS ARE ZIONISTS, and that when they do overthrow the present Zionist government, they should not take it out on the people.

These actions, which you have a right to disagree with, are intended to SAVE JEWISH LIVES.


Re: anonymous 9:41

Yes ladies and gentlemen it seems we have a live one. As we speak there is a living, breathing (unfortunately) NK traitor in our midst.

[and let me tell you, you fool. If Ahmadinejad vows to destroy Israel and the Jewish people and you then go and hug him that is an indication that you support his views. Moron.]


anonymous 10:18

You are so eloquent in your name calling of other Jewish people.

First of all, the writer you are attacking clearly stated that he does NOT agree with Weiss and Friedman. He objected to Jews making fun and insulting other Jews.

And what did you do in return, insult him!

Besides he has a point. Ahmadinejad has his agenda, which if given the opportunity will attempt to carry out. Whatever any person like Weiss or Friedman do, will certainly not make that happen faster or make him increase his desire to end Israel's existence.

But, maybe, just maybe, those guys whom you hate, Friedman, Weiss, and their type CAN GET THROUGH TO Ahmadinejad ENOUGH TO REDUCE OR ELIMINATE KILLING OF JEWS.

If their actions, Which I too find wrong, save one Jewish life, was it not a good act?

Certainly attending a Holocaust Denying thing was wrong. But maybe they saw that as a door into Ahmadinejad's trust. And though I believe they did wrong to attend, maybe they meant well.

NOTHING WEISS OR FRIEDMAN DO will change the outcome of whether Iran and their friends succeed in getting rid of the "State of Israel" or not ... but their actions just may save a few Jewish lives in the event that it does happen.

So, calling this writer a "Traitor" "Fool" and "Moron" is not the proper way to treat another Jew. It shows a lot of hatred and intolerance on your part.

9:41 said nothing to deserve being attacked like you did to him/her.


Oh, look, we have a new Katzner in "anon 1:11". Isn't that what he claims he did with regards to Eichmann in saving Satmar?



Are you saying that saving the Satmar Rov was a bad thing?!?!


It appears to me that 9:41 and 1:11 are the ones trying to be don L'Kav Zchus, and trying to show Ahavas Yisroel, and are both getting insulted and name-called for it.

We have sunk pretty low if trying to show compassion and understanding is now politically incorrect.


9:22- I think it was a great thing, and I think most people do. However, as you know, Kastner was assasinated anyway, and in chareidi circles held up as the archetype of a mosser, etc. So I was amused when 1:11 argued that maybe this guy will "get through to" that yimach shemo. That argument didn't help Kastner in his time despite saving the Satmer Rov.


Any "yid" that congregates with with a known anti-semite and holocaust-denier that has vowed to detroy Israel (read: Jews) is NOT my fellow yid!!


Its not fair to compare him to Hitler YM"S. Not fair to Hitler, that is.

True, Hitler tried to destroy us, as do the NK, but he wasn't a traitor to his own people.


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