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Is Masbia going too far with their Jewish poverty stories?

Masbia once again has put a front page story in a newspaper (this time The Jewish Press) about Jewish poverty and Frum people going through dumpsters for food. Masbia is a great organization and they help many people that need a place to eat. But are pictures such as this one was typical of the situation in the Frum community? Is garbage-groping poverty really such a persistent problem as stated in the caption? Is Boro-Park really a community defined only by affluence as stated in the caption? Is Masbia going too far with their portrayal of Frum people as dumpster divers?
Is the Boro-Park community really a community of dumpster divers?

How many Frum people have you seen lately going through the garbage for food?
There are many organizations that help people who are in need way before it comes to anything even close to this. So then the question is, why does Masbia need to embellish the truth so much? All this just for some funds?

Her husband needs to stop spending all his time reading
and at prayer. He should get a
full time job and take care of the
most important things. (family)
He can than go and study.


Phillip 11:06am
Get a life! Can't you see that this is an older woman?

Also, of course all advertising stresses that which works!





dont know if the lady lost her hubs or not - but - to be dressed with that suit and new shoes and seemingly nice looking shaitel is a little tooo far to go dont you think???


looks to me like she is just throwing out her garbage.


my wife has personally witnessed frum men going through dumpsters and taking food out of them, this past week, in Boro Park! B"H she didn't have a camera with her.


masbia had that picture posed for and it says so in their brochores...However it does not change the fact that yiden are starving...the way they run their operation is amazing people go to a "resturant without a cashier" and feel comfortable with it they are served with dignity and respect


The lady in the picture is my mother. She is a wealthy women, and would never take food from the dumpster. She was actually throwing out a peice of wraper, instead of throwing it on the floor as most New Yorkers do.

Masbia on the other han is off with this picture, but they are a great organization. They help many psople, and I commend them for it.


Can we ask ourselves simple questions? Is there a way to further assist those of need? Job training, childcare assistance - those types of things. Those are the real questions we need to ask. Agreed? We all can help those less fortunate.


May I offer this to all. If your are in need of low-cost rent, good jobs and employers that will respect and honor our ways, consider Minnesota. We here will welcome you all. Please consider with kindness.


AAAHHH, Minnesota, home of the Frozen Chozen.

(Nobody buys a gray-haired shaitel)


As someone who works closely with several kosher food relief organizations in New York City, I can say quite confidently that the gist of the article in the Jewish Press is quite accurate. There is indeed poverty in the New York Jewish community and particularly so in the Orthodox community. There is also an inadequate communal infrastructure to address the problem. Yes we have very wealthy Jews who are more than happy to give,but how does the average poor yid go about accessing help and how does the rich man know who and how to help.There simply is no good mechanism in place and this ought to change. There are many people who suffer in silence and embarrasment without anyone to help them .By the way have you ever tried living on a food assistance package from one of the various organizations that offer this service? you would find it inadequate to live on. I still give Kudos to all who are trying to help the poor but a lot more needs to be done. The first step in creating a solution is creating the awareness of a problem and a Yasher Koach to Sender Rappaport of Masbia for doing that.


poverty in Boro Park can't be.
3 new banks openning on 13th Ave and one on 16th Ave corner 48th St. that will put 4 old establishments out of business. Instead of affordable housing and food for the poor the rich are looking where to hord their money.


anon 1.39,
you LIAR!!!, its my mother & i am a ben yochid!!!


Did no one see that Masbia states clearly that this is a posed photo, and not real?!?!

This makes some of the above comments ludicrous.

But, there are a few really over the top.

Phillip, the word for you is not nice to type. The closest I could come up with would be an *** ****.

Even if the photo were real, how DARE you say something so hateful!

Aa 12:31 states, some are poor because their husbands have passed away. You know, that does happen, even to hard-working men who are good providers.

ANYONE, including YOU can go from affluent to homeless in a blink of an eye. Tragedy can strike and hit anyone, turning over anyone's life.

PLEASE find some feelings inside you for other people, instead of criticism of your favorite group due to your hatred.

Loy Uleini, there are thousands of VERY poor frum people. It is NOT their fault. Masbia is a wonderful organization. Support them, do not bash them.

By the way, Due to what it says in Bava Basra daf 10 umid B, some people will not take tzdaka from any gentile or government organization. They would rather go dumpster diving than take food from a gentile.

But, either way, there are many poor people needing food. Support Masbia, a wonderful heimishe group.


it was Where did Masbia say posted photo?


i told my wife not to let her mother out of the house but she wouldnt listen now everyone will know where she shops.


Anon 5:48
You must be my long-losy brother-in-law, because that's my shvigger!


I think that is Michael Jackson in disguise.


The choice; a posed photo or would yoiu rather they use a real photo that might cause someone extreme embarrasment.
There are people having trouble making ends meet and only a fool would think that the cur eis there, just contact an agenccy or the Government.
Support Masbia or be quiet, don't cover your stinginess by criticizing every attempt they make.


I personally paid a visit to MASBIA, wanted to see for myself what it's all about. "Amazing" is not the word. I witnessed mothers with children coming in to have a meal. The kids were a bit uncomfortable. Mr. Rapaport realized this and quickly put up some plants around their table, so that they shouldn't be seen. They felt much better, and went ahead with their delicious, hot FREE supper. What a mitzva. To have your share in this great mitzva, it costs only $6.00 per meal, and you can even sponsor online.


We just spoke about this in Beis Medrash, and one of the Masbia workers said that MASBIA never yet faked a picture, or made up a story to be used in their hunger awareness campaigns, or fundraising efforts. They have dozens such real pictures in Boro Park. Just stand for one hour at 13th Ave. and 44th St. with a camera, and you'll have a dozen pictures of your own. Unfortunately it is not a geshmake topic, and people are in denial.


Hi Mom, don't forget you are coming over to our house this weekend!


You know, Its possible that this woman is not poor at all in this picture. A lot of alte yidden who were born in Europe go through dumpsters mainly from fruit stores because quite often the fruits and vegatables are only slightly bruised. Their European mentality cannot let these fruits go to waste like that. Trust me, I've seen it myself and know some not so poor chevra who do this.


gimmee a break
1) Frum women NEVER have grey shaitles!
2) Is that Shabbos clothing or did she use up all her gelt on 13th ave.
3) Rent, health care, etc cost soo much more than a lunch. If she needs a snack she surly needs a warm place to live and health care.


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