Monday, January 14, 2008

Letter distributed over the weekend to the Los Angeles community

Sent in by a Los Angeles Chaptzem reader

Dear Los Angeles Kehilla member:

In reference to self proclaimed Jewish leader Rabbi Meyer May's public comments regarding the unfortunate Spinka arrest.

In your first public statement, regarding the arrest, you announce that none of the people arrested are representatives of the Orthodox or Chassidic community.

You are not our representative either!

For you to ride on any possible suffering of the Jewish people, whether it's the Holocaust, or an unfortunate scandal, is as disgusting as what you accuse others of. You say that the "they should be allowed to have a fair trial, as everyone is innocent until proven guilty", but then take the initiative to take them down a notch to by saying they should be "one stage less than normal" to show children "that it's not business as usual."

Your position of power is a mirage. You were NEVER appointed and or recognized by bonafide Gedolim. Your achievements are very impressive (including representing the Simon Weisenthal Center and its tolerance movement, which conducts interfaith tolerance conferences), however, amongst the larger Orthodox and Chassidish communities, we neither benefit nor approve any of your public shenanigans.

How do you explain your position of "people should beware of lashon hara, or gossip, of discussing this case, and to keep in mind that there are wives and children and family members who might also be hurt.", and then hypocritically use any chance to voice your opinion and walk out of a Shul with your counsel Benzion J. Westreich, Esq.

You have miserably failed in your position at any attempt to keep possible shame to the Frum community out of the public, by both allowing and participating in its publicity with the most recent article in The Jewish Journal.

Would you like it if any of us "little people" decided that you are to be sanctioned and taken down a few notches from your honorary status? We do not seek your guidance nor appreciate it, and if you feel this is a wakeup call, keep it to yourself, for we will seek guidance from whom we decide is worthy.

Additionally, let he without sin cast the first stone! You must have forgotten that age old adage.

But you have chosen to embark on this route. You (and your family) will have to answer for it in the days and months ahead!

The Rabbonim of the RCLA

The (real) Rabbinical Council of Los Angeles

Let him without sin throw the
first stone. This quote is
from Jesus Christ... and now
from used by a Rabbi from
L.A. Now this is progress.


I didn't know LA had any reql rabbonim left.

excellent letter. I'm glad you published it.


Way to go, rabbonim. Do you know that the old agage about casting the first stone is a quote from Jesus in the old testament? That really enhances your Jewish credentials.


I’m a little doubtful that this was printed under the auspices of the rabbonim of LA.


I don't know what the anonymous author(s) of the letter objects to in Rabbi May's comments in the Jewish Journal (I think a link has the article in which he was quoted has already appeared here, but take a look for yourself at http://jewishjournal.com/home/preview.php?id=18684, I didn't see anything about "one stage less than normal" in there)
or what other issues they have with him or his lawyer, but I do know that his/their adage about sin and casting stones is from the Christian Bible.


Unless I am very confused a n orthodox group should not be using a quote from the new testament (throw stones) as part of their arguments


What kind of Rabbonim would quote from Yushke in the New Testament - "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"!!!!!!??????
I think the Spinka Rebbe should take responsibility for his actions and those of his employees and followers. Even if he is innocent until proven guilty,clearly something not kosher took place with regard to the financial management of the various Spinka organizations, and he as the head although perhaps not criminally responsible,is certainly responsible as the leader. This stinking mess is also not only a Chillul Hashem that besmirches Spinka, but also besmirches the reputation of all Jews. It certainly has the potential to rekindle old antisemitic stereotypes of Jewish behaviour in financial dealings. As such the Spinka Rebbe really ought to apologise to the whole Jewish Community and perhaps even consider resigning as Rebbe. If he were a CEO of a public corporation he already would have resigned or been fired by his board.The issue is one of accountability.


this is just anoter nail in the coffin for the RCC who May heads--
Kehilla led by Rabbi Teichman and Zyskind will trully shine


kklal yisroel would be better off if he who is without aim threw the first stone.


I'm glad the guy above ranting about the xtian bible and yushke knows how to hit the post button six times. But the bottom line remains that something the xtians stole from us yidden does not make it automatically prohibited for us yidden to use.

The letter is well-written and Mr. Anon could'nt tolerate the truth so elequently said.


Yasher koach to R. May. If anything, I think he was too easy about this so-called 'Rebbe' and his type. The community should make it very clear that it strongly separates itself from such type of activity as he stands charged with.


besides the obvious new testament reference, you are all overlooking the fact that the authors of this letter lack basic reading comprehension skills. here is the direct quote from the article:

"Weisz and Zeligman had spent another Shabbat in Los Angeles, detained until the arraignment. The Spinka Rebbe attended Rabbi Chaim Boruch Rubin's synagogue in Hancock Park -- which itself is entangled in a legal battle over land use -- and was given the honor of leading services. At this, a few men walked out in protest.

"As a parent in the community and as a rabbi in the community, since there were children in the room and since we have an obligation to teach our children right and wrong," one person who left quietly said later. "I have no problem [with the Spinka Rebbe] sitting in the front in his normal [honored] seat," but the man who walked out said he would have preferred "one stage less than normal" to show children "that it's not business as usual."

Rabbi May's comments had nothing to do with taking the spinka rebbe 'down a notch'. But then again the authors of this letter probably thought that it was a Rabbi who said 'let he who is withouth sin..."....
oh wait - it was.


This letter was not written by the Rabbonim in LA.

As other ppl mentioned it quotes Jesus Christ, hardly something the LA Rabbonim would do. (I'm sure the person that did draft this had no idea about the origins of the quote.)

Secondly it is very poorly written, starts out by speaking to member of the community, then goes on to talk to Rabbi May.

Lets ignore and move on.


Meir May is a real meshugina just out on a power trip.


How about showing us a .pdf of the real letter from the real LA gedolim!?


I am without sin. Point me in the direction of Spinka so that I may throw the first stone.


I am proably with sin as I view myself as a beinoni, and I don't care since I am Jewish not a Notsri. Let me throw the first stone and the second and the third.
If the Tzibbur prefers, I could scream "Gezaila" Like they scream "Shabbos" in Israel when they throw stones. Afterwords I could collect the stones and sell them on ebay to raise money for the spinka mosdos - it sounds like they will be needing it now that the gig is up.


As far as The Rebbe's Shabbos experience is concerned, I wonder what the the IRS 1040 of the person who walked out of shul looks like? Is it as glatt as he implies the Rebbe's should be? And the rest of you, if you get a speeding ticket, or parking ticket or any kind of summons, you've brokent he law. Does that mean you can no longer be a shaliach tzibur?


I would personally like to thank someone for taking a letter drafted by a concerned Baal Habayis in the Los Angeles Community and then distorting its' very essence by dressing it with his own confused command of the English language. The drafter of this letter wrote it from his heart without the association of any passages from any testament and without the threats and viral attacks against May's family. Had the letter been posted to Chaptzem in its' original draft and condition, then readers could have truly appreciated the gravity of what Meyer May has done to this community and how his efforts of racketeering by commanding his Rabbis to instruct their members to refrain from eating Rabbi Teichman's hashgochoh has now ensured the deterioration of any remaining semblance of Kashrus in Southern California. I remain baffled how some Rabbis have to throw weight around and control us while the true leaders of our generation steer us in the right direction by respectable example.


There is a difference between a parking ticket and a massive tax fraud and money laundering scheme. Someone who steals or helps steal millions of dollars should not be a Shaliach Tzibbur.


I am very much concerned about the L.A. community. I hope that Mel Gibson or members of the Scientology group are not involved in this evil media blitz. Be careful in California.


This whole caseis a big Chilul Hashem, accountability needs to be done here, its funny how all the defendants are not guilty. I understand that money does go to needy people, but lets open our eyes, a lot of money was made here, and people involved did cheat the U.S government millions of dollars, a government that has been very kind to us. Now “WE” (and I say we because we are put into a group) cause this huge Chilul Hashem that only Misha is Mechaper. I think the gedolim should get together and guide us through this turmoil, and say just because a Rav was involved here it doesn’t mean it’s kosher. The Chinuch of our children is at stake here Mase Avos Siman Labanim.


If every person who ever did something wrong could not be a Shaliach Tzibbur there wouldnt be anyone left to daven for the amud, so why dont you all chill out and look in the mirror first before judging other people.


I guess you believe that an indictment is equal to being guilty. If the Rebbe hires the Johnny Cochran firm of lawyers, the glove just won't fit! AS far as going to the amud, even with a nod to "dina d'malchuta dina" amybe the requiremtns for that kavod should be determined by halacha and not the US Federal Court System, or its DA and Grand Jury.

to 9:04AM i don't know who Rabbi may is or what he has done, but I do know from personal experience that Rabbi Teichman's hasgacho isn't real yy very relkiable. When I investigated going into the food business I contacted Rabbi Teichman for his list of supervised establishments. He sent me back an application fro "hasgacho by mail". He operates in LA, and we are in the North East. Maybe a real honorable Rabbi with honest hashgocho intentions and should establih a reliable hasgocho for Southern California. I hear that the KAJ has some extra Mashgichim available after april 16. I'm sure the move from Iowa to LA is shorter than back to NY


first of all you should all new rabbi may is very credible and does represent the greater la jewish commnity just because hes not a shul rabbi dosnt mean he dosnt have a stance he has semicha and actually knows how to speak in public and when he said they should be put on a step lower whats wrong with that if it wasnt the rebbe (if you can even call him that) im sure we would all put them on a step lower look ehats being done with robert kasirer and than tell m that hes not being put a step lower and forget about the rca its a bunch of rabbis who probably would cover this up if they had just like they cover everything else up


Anon. 5:24PM If you're INNOCENT and wish to be pointed in the direction of Spinka in order to throw the first stone, so why are you "anonymous". You remind me of "The widow of the unknown soldier", that some people were collecting funds for!

p.s.: One of the early posters [on this subject] quotes "From the Old Testament" about "He (politically incorrect statement) Who is without Sin, should cast the first stone". It's a very cute slogan (or Cliche) but you won't find it in the Old Testament.


kol ha-kavod rabbi may you are a true kiddush hashem i thank you on bahalf of all klal yisroel


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