Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Moshiach Mobile


I think I missed that episode of "Pimp My Ride".


It would be funny if it was Ford.

Found On Road "Dead"


Now When the clowns get kicked out off 770 they can all get in to the Clown car.

Ki Bisimcha Tatzaua...


people need help


Now THIS, has got to be the biggest chillul hashem around. For goodness sake, the man is dead, let him rest in peace...

I wonder if Yingerman is involved in this too?


you guys are nuts!!!!


Ha`Rebbe Lo MACE. just like Yaccov aveenu.


What a waste of a CTS.


That's Reb Jerry Brauner's new car. He was the cop who pulled over the Yingerman and stole this car from him. This should be parked next Jerry Brauner's other car, the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile.


the latest mitzvah tank,forget about the teffilin,theyre no longer important.messianic jewdaism is comes first!




Wow I think it is so beautiful. Helping spread the word that moshiach is here and also who moshiach is, for those who may not know. Keep up the great work and LUBAVITCH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


I want to have something similar done with my company logo on my car. anyone know where he got this done and what it costs??


As a Luavitcher who bleives the Rebbes Moshiach I can also agree with everyone that this is a big chillul Hashem. Their are big rabbanim who pasken that it is all right to belive the Rebbe is Moshiach (based on discussions in the gemrara and Zohar)And to this extenet the rebbe at times even encourged this (Look at this VIDEO:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv3_MO6kFAk)
At the same time when ever the rebbe would encourage this particularly in letters he wrote to people - he made sure to say not that it should be talked about and spread in a way that it will be accepted not on the contrary like this car. WE HAVE ALL THIS EXTREME ISRALY BAL TESHUVAS (Alot of them fresh from the tihland buddah cults) and they make a mockery out of us all. Putting aside if the Rebbes is moshiach or not I think most Lubavitchers will agree with you that this top of thing is a crazy chillul Hashem. We have so many Jews who dont even know that Jews belive in Moshiach and then they go up to them on the street and tell them CHABAD RABBI IS MESSIAH. It rally ticks me off. Limala you are a frum person and you wana talk about sources from the Torah if it is possible or not so there are rabbanim who are very knowledgeable in Gemara and Halacha. They know that Rambam said about Moshiach being alive... All these things that seem hapaech to what we belive... They have very clear awnsers... If you take a few minutes and sit with an educated Lubavitcher who belive the Rebbe is moshaich you will see they are very familiar with halacha. BUT THIS STUFF... THIS IS NOT WHAT WE BELIVE... NOT IS THIS STYLE


I thought it was a white donky! not a yellow car!!


Chabad kicks ass anyday beats the beat up trucks Breslav drives around with. vos fargins nisht a guy with a cadi who believes in Moshiach??

a step up from coming on an ass.


TALK ABOUT A SLOW NEWS DAY - no yingerman ticketed, or dirty sidewalks, etc?


when a salesman sales an item he beleaves in is that wrong .he beleaves his rebbe who do,s so much for EVERYONE is moshiac what wrong with that i love him for that. there is what to learn from


The "Yellow Flaggers" "Yechiniks" or "Meshichistim" or whatever you want to call them, have left Judaism.

They have begun a new religion.

As a Baal Tefila who davens in a Chabad but normal shul, I will not begin davening if we don't have a minyan who do not believe their rebbe is a messiah and prophet.

One Shabbos morning, the Shaliach said, "Nu, start already."

I replied, "We don't have a KOSHER minyan yet, and there are people who need to say Kaddish."

He understood. We both put them in the same category with the mechallel Shabbos B'Farhesya.

By the way, some new "Comparative Religion" textbooks are not calling "Messianic Chabad" a new religion that broke off from Judaism. I agree.


It's gorgeous. All the naysayers are jealous. They just wish they had the fire of these guys. Long live the Rebbe King Moshiach forever and ever.


WOW A real Beautiful job !!!!!
Yes it was BORO PARK SIGNS thumbs up for them they really do nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!


hey this looks like a Smira Car


uh, oh.
what will happen when the anti's blow it up? the car will have to go into shaimos. There's a photo of the Rebbe on the front.


These guys aren't the real deal, because they forgot to paint the tires yellow.

I'm still trying to figure out which of the yellowisten can actually afford a cadillac. If it were drizin it wouldn't only be yellow, it would have a pump on the hood which would paint yellow any car it drove by, so I'm guessing that a kvutzah kid maxed out his american cc's cause he's going back to israel next week.

Still and all I'd love to see the face of the dealer when he claims his car back when they're going to default on the lease payments (which they can no longer afford after the paint job)


it a huge chillul lubavitch and chillul hashem what these crazy isrealis are doing


I wonder when the real mashiach comes, will he have as fancy a website as the rebbe? (or a URL this long):


Someone, tell me, is this Judaism or idolatry?


certainly, this is nuts, and these guys do things on thier own, and chancesa re that they are either baal teshiva israely's who never met the rebbe, and have no support from thier mashpiim.

as for the crazyness, again, this is the work of some persons feelings, and sorry guys there is absolutly no way to have effective quality control.

you simply cannot control what people say or do.

this is NOT lubavitch. Lubavitch as a whole, and those trying to stay conencted to the rebbe, follow what the rebbe said, and that is "do extra mitzvos, and hasten the coming of machiach. that is what the rebbe told us to do.

as far as the fanfare, and crazyness, there are crazy people in every sect.


I am a Lubavitcher.

This is against EVERYTHING the Rebbe taught and stands for. This is wrong on so many levels. Ugh.

Stop ruining everything the Rebbe worked for!

Poshut a hillul Lubavitch and hillul Hashem.


Why does this issue tickle some people enuf to cause them to excommunicate or separate?

A. Because the concept of messiah is good only until it becomes real. Ultra-ortho jewish gd is only good when he's a concept, text, in the mind. In the wallet, in the pants, in the stomach, nuh-uh.

B. No one likes a sore loser, and Lubav, who looked like they had a winner and strutted like they did, in-your-face, lost, but is trying to change the rules of the game.

C. Those that excommunicate had Lubavs under their skin for any radical aspect - outreach, outposts, lively parties, "mivtzoim", girl candle lighting, tefillin on the street. But many now mimic Lubav's pioneering, radical jewish public expression and expansion. The haters still need something to gnash at, and this is all that's left to easily ridicule (if one doesn't want to appear hypocrytical). Funny though that more and more messianism seeps into non-Lubav culture (just as the other lubav radical stuff did). now belief in a rov/rosh like a rebbe, he lives on, talk of moshiach is on the table... grows in Litvish world too.

But my real point is - until people learn to live and let live, there cannot be peace on earth. And if you're truly bothered by my car's paint job, come talk to ME about it. I'll know whether you're sincere and to listen to you, or have your own demons to deal with.


Look at the bright side -with that paint job everyone will see it coming and move off the street.

Gavin Cato and Yankel Rosenbaum a"h might still be alive if the Rebbeh's a"h motorcade all had paint jobs like this one.

(Of course back when he was alive saying 'yechi' only sounded stupid when you got to the moshiach part.)


To me, I am upset at the wastage going on here. If the yechi-niks would spend their time and energy on m'karev-ing Yidden to do mitzvos, they would have a tremendous effect.

But, instead, they are "m'karev-ing" Yidden into a personality cult. The Rebbe, z"tl, discouraged the hero worship that grew up around him, but, unfortunately, we haven't been strong enough against it, and are therefore paying the price.


PLEASE! First let the Moshiach come. THEN argue over WHO it is.

In fact the Lubavitcher Rebbe, ZECHER TZEDEK LI'VRACHA, told the shluchem, "do NOT say who the Moshiach is."

It is very sad and unfair that Lubavitch has a reputation of being "another religion than Judaism." But is that the fault of the Rebbe or those people who don't listen to the Rebbe?

For example, the Rebbe limited drinking to only a limited amount(four) of 1 oz. whiskey cups. Again, you have people who don't listen and overdo it. Next thing you know, they make a big chillul Hashem by acting meshuganah, passing out on the streets/sidewalks, breching all over the place, etc.

Just, listen to what the Rebbe actually said. Don't exaggerate, extrapulate or misinterpet his words in order to justify a false agenda.


This is nuts. Chabad Lubavitch along with other radical sects (Hareidim) are giving the ultra-orthodox a very bad name. So it's cool now to make Judaism look silly? But hey, what great advertising for the guy who did the paint job.

Oy Vey


I am not a Chabadnick. However, we all must remember that they are our fellow Jews, even though, unfortunantely, they have gone...

It is a fact that every single Chabadnick believes with a full heart that the Rebbe ZTL is Mashiach. The chiluk is that some admit that they believe, some flaunt that they beleive, many evade the issue, i.e. "everybody is entitled to their own opinion," and some will only discuss the matter amongst fellow Chabadnickim.

We must be dan them lecaf zechut. They should be viewed as orphans who lost both their parents at a young age and unfortunately have not yet learned or experienced enough to carry themsleves.

We must remember all the good they have done and continue to do, even though, lately they have causes big chilul H ashems and caused baalei tshuva to have discombobluated hashkafas. They have turned our whole religion into worshipping the Rebbe. If you walk into their shuls, you will see a picture of the Rebbe hanging on the wall, avodah zara?? I hope not. I hope the Abishter will judge them lecaf zechus that they have a tremendous love and respect for their great Rebbe and leader. They are now lost and have gone bonkers.

All of clal Yisroel should daven for our brothers that they should have a refua shelema, a refuas hanefesh, and that Mashiach should come immediately and put and end to all the chillulei H ashem, that come not only from our people (including many other groups of Orthodox Jews) but also from the Chilulei H ashem that come from all those goyim, yemach shemam, that threaten us, laugh at us and declare that they will wipe us off the map. The world asks, ayey elockeichem...?


the rebbe is dead. Therefore, the REbbe CAN NOT be Moshiach.

This car is gross loooking.


have you gone to all chabad shuls that you can say there is a pic of the Rebbe in all of them? I have been to many and there isn't even one in the shul room although there may be in the social hall or entrance to the building. I have never seen a pic of the Rebbe inside a shul, and there is none in ours. Genug shoin, yes there are a few crazies among us, they make noise becuse they are controversial, but their numbers are dwindling, in america more and more and slowly in Israel as well people are waking up and smelling the coffee.
Stop generalizing all Chabadnikim, stop accusing us, stop making sweeping statements on our beliefs and feelings instead jump on the bandwagon and help another yid become closer to yiddishkeit today, that'll certainly bring moshiach closer IY"H.


words to describe this car:
deformed, monstrous, scandalous, repelling, grisly, vile, hard-featured, frightful, revolting.


let me just tell you this say that gimel tamuz happend so what the REBBE is STILL our rebbe your rebbe and the ראש בני ישראל


let me just tell you this say that gimel tamuz happend so what the REBBE is STILL our rebbe your rebbe and the ראש בני ישראל

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A yid should nevetr have a complete laugh in olam hazeh. You are being machshil es harabim when you write that the rebbeh zatzal is the leader of klal yisroel. It sounded funny before he passed away r"l. Now it is beyond plain funny. It has moved up from LOL to ROTFL.


To steve : January 10, 2008 8:34 PM

As a Lubavitcher, when I saw the website that you linked to your post, tears welled in my eyes. What a group of nuts from Israel can do to shame the Rebbe is beyond comprehension.


What an embarrassment to Judaism.


ok fellow JEWS, Lubavitch never STONED or BEAT their fellow yidden, nor INSULTED or CRITICZED stupidity- I can't speak for the rest of the Ultra Ortho world tho..., the reason Chabad is so SUCCESSFUL is because it is TRUE anyone that met the Rebbe can tell you he is the ROSH BNEI YISROEL whether you believe he is Moshaich is totally out of the question but how DARE you call them APIKORSES when the Rebbe's BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS went out to the ENTIRE world and not just every single JEW but the public world leaders even they, recognize the Rebbe's greatness and holiness and the impact of Chabad Lubavitch, so Jews, don't be so stubborn-we are the nation of stiff necks but there is NO denial in the greatness of the Lubavitch Rebbe so don't waste your breath! MOSHIACH NOW!!!!!




This is why we need an Eighth Rebbe, to counter this silly false messianism.


to abominable snowman :
you are an abominable (snowman). shame on you.


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