Thursday, January 31, 2008

New mobile red light ticket cameras 

Cops are leaving unmarked cars with cameras on their roof parked at hidden corners to give red light tickets.

It's about time they did something about those running red lights. It has become so commonplace, that I always count to ten after I get the green light before entering the intersection.
What happened to our drivers? No one cares anymore? The life you save may be your child, or your friends, or your neighbors.


Any explanation why if the udercover cop is already there watching why not stop the driver from continuing running another light or two where an accident can happen in just any second? is it just another way of making $$$? The ticket will arrive only in weeks when the driver forgot already that he had ever run a red light.... (or maybe the camera is just for proving the officer that the offender ran a red light...?) and what is it better then any police dashcam?


Chapztem, stop giving out misinformation.That is a License Plate Reader that scans all passing cars plates and reads them. If the plate comes up stolen or suspended that it gives an alarm to the cop in the car and he stops the car. Google it and you will see a video about this





Your are mistaken. It is not a red light camera. That looks like license plate readers. It scans all license plates and automatically runs then for the computer and comes up with any stolen cars or violations against the car. There are two readers mounted on the roof that face the two sides of the street. This way when they drive down a block they can scan cars on both sides at the same time. In fact, they recovered a stolen car a few months ago in Boro Park with one of these.

A Red Light camera is activated by a car passing over metal that is under the blacktop, when the light is red. The camera must take two pictures. One must be of the red light BEFORE your car enters the intersection and the second picture is of the car in the intersection.

Also, the picture shows no crosswalk or stop lines. Where do they have red lights that don't have crosswalks?


license plate readers folks... it's the greatest invention since the wheel. it's all about the bad guys.....


Sorry people. I agree with Mr. Chaptzem. It is a mobile red light ticket camera. In fact if you look through Mr. Chaptzem's lens you will see there is a Chusid driving the cop car. In fact he is a B45 checking out the B48s. There was another one in Kiryas Yoel the other day driven by a chusid cop from Williamsburg. Also these guys check and see if you are talking on your cell phine while driving while at the same time they have a high tech listening device that can hear if the men in Kollel you are driving by are learning or drinking coffee. All this was invented by the Jew/Gentile Dunkin Donuts couple and sponsored by Lipa and friends. Also, this is not L"H, Yiddishe agudahnicks who should not be on the web anyway.(Ignore grammar and spelling, not important in a blog.) Did I miss anything? ;)


Which Anonymous should I respond to? Or, is it the same person? Deoderant user, thanks for a nickname!


It's hard to tell from that grainy picture just what it is. Although it is most liekly a License Plate Reader.
Red Light Camera technology is very advanced and can not be simply mounted on a car. It involves sensors and time exact picture taking at the right angle.


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