Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Polar Bear with Tzitzis

A Frum member of the Brooklyn Polar Bear Club takes a winter dip in the freezing ocean.

From the Bay News

Isn't Rabbi Abraham Abraham the fellow who writes seforim on halacha and medicine?


Rabbi Abraham Abraham is the grandson of Abraham Abraham the founder of Macy's. Sadly, his grandfather and namesake was killed on the Titanic. Had the grandfather been able to swim and endure the freezing cold like his grandson, he would have saved his own life and the lives of many passengers on that dreadful ship. Rabbi Abraham Abraham did not write seforim but he has broke the world record in Tzadaka and kindness to our fellow Jews, together with a lot of other world records. May G-d continue to bless him.


Met him in the meat store, he's been doing this for years..I think he's NUTS!


not the same guy


Two different people with the same name. The Doctor lives in Eretz Yisroel, and has a middle initial S as well. This one is not a doctor.


Yes. He's a vegetarian who believes in the nutrition of goats milk. Exercises regularly and won't tell his age. G-d forbid. Nice guy who believes that one should have a plan in life.

A little meshuganah but with a Yiddish kopf.


this guy does this every single year!


not such a nice picture. please remove. not bekuvidik


Isn't Rabbi Abraham Abraham from the Ice Age?


Have some respect for the Tzadik nistar. Rabbi Abraham Abraham is one of the finest and nicest Yiddin on this planet.


Anon 5:40

Who cares if he's nuts? He seems to be enjoying himself, and seems like he has more to do in life than sit and write chaptzem comments


"Rabbi Abraham Abraham is the grandson of Abraham Abraham the founder of Macy's."

Not true. Neither is Rabbi Dr. Abraham S. Abraham, as far as I know.

The polar bear was born in der alter heim.


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