Friday, January 25, 2008

President Bush the Meshichist during his visit to Israel 


Yeah, yeah. What do you expect? He also believes there are WMD in Iraq.


lol fake


you people are so weard you cant find somthing normal to talk about


Can't Photoshop also put him on some tzitzis with the blue string - BT style?

The real photo of President Bush in a Kippa:


Big error:

If, in fact, it was a real Yechi yarmulka (which we all know it isn't), the sentence would be soread around the entire yarmulka. There is no way that ALL of the entire "Yechi" would be visible on the part of the yarmulka seen in the photo.


Not at all surprising considering his intellect.


unprofesional photo editing!




Come on chaptzem...Those pictures are so fake...Dont you have anything better to let the CHASSIDISH WORLD know about???


something's fishy about that photo..somehow seems doctored..can't place my finger on it..

Yechi Hamelech George Bush!

Lubavitch needs to make fun of itself more.


Lighten up everyone. It's obviously a gag and deserves a good laugh. The Photoshop manipulation could use some improvement.


Chabad didn't do this someone who hates chabad obviously did this to try to poke fun at lubavitch

come on if you are going to do this at least make it look real and spell it correctly

there are no YUDES in the words ADONENU & MOREINU in the real yechi


Your all laughing now but the day will come as it has already in Europe. See http://www.scribd.com/doc/129592/Beis-Moshiach-606


Was he also in the mochiach mobile (clown car) that is shown on this blog


i am not sure the reason for this peice is, but nevertheless, it is cute

i do know that when any publis official goes to jewish affiers they request (polietly) for them to put on a yarmulkah, so it is no wonder that bush also put one on.

my point is that if you look at those crazies in c.h. that athentcally wear one of these you will see that the words go all the way around the kipa and not only on one side.

but really who cares, my question is who is bush's moreinu. which president is it or......

chill guys things will get better


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