Friday, January 11, 2008

Jewish Journal article salivates and spews hate over Spinka story

The first snow flutters hesitantly in Brooklyn. Men wearing fur streimel hats and women wearing sheitls walk briskly past the corner of 15th Avenue and 58th Street in Boro Park as if nothing extraordinary has happened here.

And why not? The kosher shops of this self-contained ultra-Orthodox neighborhood -- practically a city onto itself -- are still a few blocks down, and here on this bleak corner, there are only three orange school buses parked in front of a four-story, dark-red brick building, which sits on a residential street, where tall, narrow houses nearly overlap. The structure is rather nondescript and unimposing -- garbage bags are piled haphazardly by a front gate, bars protect the windows, young boys can be heard chanting from behind the locked door and a white sign with sky blue Hebrew lettering reads: "Yeshiva Imrei Yosef Spinka."

A buzzer sounds. The door opens. No one asks who rang the bell. Up the four steps, a reception window sits empty. Hazy yellow fluorescent lights illuminate the narrow hallways adorned with graying yellow paint and frayed industrial carpeting. If there are millions -- or even thousands -- of dollars going to the Spinka yeshiva, it certainly doesn't seem like it's coming here.


We can see just how accurate the article is, based on the fact they don't even know who's who. They refer to the Rebbe as Zeigelman and vice versa.
Note that it's not just a typo on the picture caption even in the article he refers to Weisz as a squat man.


Vere's Valdo?


Why didn't the Spinka Rebbe just drive over a papparazzi foot?


Um, did we read the same article?

The only thing that's spewing is Rebbinic disregard for honesty and (possibly) RK's disregard for the laws of Mesirah. What is unfair or hateful about the article?

Also, the Rabbi covering his face needs a bigger book. If one is intent on scamming, they should always travel with a few large Seforim, just in case.


Good analysis; self-hating Jews indeed.


I think it's interesting than anyone who criticizes a frum jew is described as a "self-hating jew." This article might be biased, but these guys asked for it by engaging in these crimes. Enough is enough already. Stop defending criminals. You're hurting all of the truly ehrliche yidden who don't "cook" their books. I'm not, chas v'shalom, bad-mouthing the rebbe or others, but seriously, this dishonesty cannot continue.


What was the purpose of Dan O'Brien, the prosecutor, being interviewed? He is obviously an anti-semite and the writer of the article is a hate spewing rashah. It seems to be saying that they threw RK to the wolves as a korbon to scare people and that O'Brien has other cooperating witness' that he is not naming right now and tapes of the Rebbes phone calls. Is he also saying that this laundering activity goes back for many many years and the government has been following this activity for years? Very scary!!!!


Should we all point fingers and shame others before all the facts are known? I read that there are others that will either be arrested and/or others that will be called as witnesses for either side. Let the facts speak. Do not judge others until more is known. But, even I know the current Spinka Rebbe will never be the same.


The Jewish Journal rarely ever talks about the Orthodox. But as soon as the opportunity comes to bash the frum community they publish a front page article. They may not be self hating Jews but they are orthodox hating... from the same type of Jews that try to close down shuls in the HP area (that don't harm a soul).


Don't shoot the messenger....The Jewish Journal has an Orthodox writer on staff, an Orthodox weekly columnist, publishes a monthly Orthodox magazine, has several Orthodox rabbis writing parshot and publishes numerous stories on all facets of the community. Is it possible The Journal is doing its job reporting on a serious indictment? Yes. Has it reported on the wrongdoing of Reform and Conservative rabbis? Of course. If The Journal has a bias it seems to be a bias against sweeping issues under the rug...


The Jewish Journal is not a correct forum for frum news. It is a rag of a newspaper that caters to the larger community of non observant jews. It is an anti chasidic, anti orthodox paper. The writer of the article was brought up frum and now doesn't observe. She has an agenda to pursue. She is happy to report any kind of negative publicity about the frum jews of Los Angeles.


Who is the clean shaven guy in the picture? Is that the attorney? Is he one of us?


Of Course the money is not going there! Its going to pay for the numerous tuitions and weddings of the administration's and rebbe's children. Get real!!!!


Who is the new lawyer and what happened to the old one?


What I found interesting was the opening sentence referring to men wearing streimels and going on to describe wehat was obviously a weekday. it's a striking illustration of how sometimes people see what they want to see and expect to see and not the images that actually hit their eyes.


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