Friday, January 04, 2008

Tears and pleas of help from babies - Have Heimishe Tzedakah ad campaigns gone too far?

Heimishe Tzedakah ad campaigns have already met the level in marketing and money spent as many mainstream business ad campaigns. However, now a new level of heart-rending ads are coming up, each more extreme than the next. Are these ads going too far?

Thank you for bringing up this issue.
Appeals have become more sophisticated and graphic in design. Photoshop does wonders with tears. This does raise many questions.

Has the suffering increased, or has the exposure to it increased? One glossy and noisy flyer/pamphlet after another. (Mind you, littering our streets with pictures and holy lettering.)
Has the "exaggerated" advertising dulled sensitivity to our people's troubles and nisyonos?
Or have the nisyonos indeed become exaggerated?
Why do we need floodlights and outdoor speakers blaring and glaring an event (reminiscent of old-time county fairs and antique auctions)?

If troubles have increased and intensified, are we doing what the Torah requires - to look at the way we are living our lives: mired in gashmius, fierce competition between heimishe businesses, homelife and children suffering.

Shouldn't we put the brakes on this lifestyle spiriling out of control?
Slowdown, do less, spend time with family members, less parties, less functions, less quantity and more quality.
Ha.Shem Yishmor.


so did you help them?


don't you think that the money
spent on these fancy expensive
would rather help the poor..


It just take some valunteer with knowledege in photoshop or similar graphic program to make up this ad. Therefore by advertizing it in this way can melt people's heart and will generate more funds for the cause. The cost might be a little more for the printing but will surely pay itself off.


To be honest, I do not get to see them. I was getting to many, that I now have a policy. There is a very neat trash can by the mailbox. ALL letters received that are not expected, or have return addresses that I was not expecting, go straight in the trash. Yes, this has meant occasionally tossing important mail, but the really important ones follow up with a phone call, and I ask them why they did not put a proper return address.

Sure, I give Tzedaka. But NEVER as responses to mail requests. I wish we could put our addresseson a "Do Not Mail" list, like we can put our phone numbers.


does kupat hair or kupar rambam have a phot shop volunteer as well? All i have is more and more recycling every week. It's not like i'm going to increase my payroll for any new charity. A little prayer for the charities or maybe the victims


All of a sudden EVERYBODY is a shnorrer! What about having insurance(life, property, disability) and going to work, rather than sitting on your tuchis & looking for handouts?


January 04, 2008 1:17 PM
I wish we could put our addresseson a "Do Not Mail" list, like we can put our phone numbers.

Even then, they still call you. My name and phone number is almost on all do not call list yet everyday i get tons of telemarketing calls. What's the use of the do not call list?


oy what shnorers you are -- asking Hakadosh Baruch Hu to give to you when you turn away those he sends to you...Galgal HaChozer B'Olam -- I pity your poor grandkids when it is their turn to ask tzedaka from the descendants of those who you are turning away. Spoiled Americans - don't bother me with calls or mail unless its about a free vacation to aruba. Silly you!


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