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100% goes to charity - besides the thousands spent on posters 

From their 2006 tax exempt filings

How do you that they don't have specific sponsors who are willing to pay for posters etc. only? Be dan l'kaf zchus.


I am HIGHLY suspicious of this charity. Does anyone know if they publish any accounts .. reports ..documentation of any kind? Who do they employ?


how does one "BE dan lchaf..."

shouldnt you just say "dan lechaf.."

thats like saying "they are talking in learning"... means nothing

what if everyone spoke like that?

yo yanky, you gonna be driving the car to flatbush?


This charity openly claims miracles in their flyers.

Why should you be suspicious of that?

Just give to kupat hair and the wellspring of blessing will open.

They even have pictures of gedolim on the flyer!


Then let the sponsors give the money directly to the poor people.


There is no wonder that the ribbono shel olam lets the arabs shoot our boys in the back while learning in a bais medrash.

Roughly 80% of the money collected goes to distributions. That's a pretty good number when you include the costs of printing, stamps, credit card charges, pushkas, etc. BTW, that is not $$ spent on back office expenses. It is money spent in our community for our vendors, printers, etc.

Regarding the miracles if you donate, you can rely on Chazal. Aser kdei Shetisasher. And yeah, its an open miracle.


I remember examining closely the fliers and mailings that they sent.They Photoshopped pictures of $50.00 & $100.00 bills into the hands of Eretz Israel Gedolim instead of the Shekels.Also there was a picture of Rav Kanievsky at the Kosel reading their Names, of you looked closely you could see that they Photoshopped a hand holding their names.The hand didnt look naturally attached to the Rov.I called their offices and I mentioned this to them and I told them that these Gedolim run away from the smallest Sheker, and I am sure that if they had known about this the wouldnt have approved of that.Now when I saw this Photoshopping a seed of doubt was planted in my mind that this may be not %100 kosher, that people are making salaries off the Tzedaka.After my call to their offices the Photoshopping stopped.So those posters are a small sort of Sheker similar to the Photoshopping.I am not condeming the Charity but if you use a Godols name with his permission, you must act like they do.It is similar to the Concert situation where people with Agendas go to the Gedolim and trick them to sign on to a Ban. here they get the gedolims Haskama and manipulate it the way they want it using forms of Sheker


Whats your point???
Did they ever say that they don't pay for posters or advertisements?

All I see on the poster is that money YOU give them goes directly to poor people

you're cracking me up!


If you look further down they DID GIVE over 2.5million in distribution. so whats the big deal if it cost them 200k to gov out 3.5 million oin food?!?!?

Get a life!!!


Every institution is setting a certain percentage aside for advertisement like any other company would do.
How else would you be able to achieve and distribute such a sizeable amount for the poor? (do you really want to go back to the olden days where with your few dollars to the tzedaka puchka you were doing enough)
If you don't want to give than don't but you have no right whatsoever to hurt this campaign.


what i want t o know is if the gedolim are so busy with Kupat Ha'ir, and the same gedolim are very busy with Vaad HaRabbanim, and they check every name, and they sign every check, when to they have time to daven or learn?

And is there a difference between Jupat Ha"ir and Vaad HaRabbanim?- smae photos, same stories, same gedolim, maybe different askanim and printers who need a parnussah> And how come, after giving money to those tzedaka, withthe right kavvanah, the Aibisheter didn't give me the NES I was looking for, the Tzedakas seem to guarantee it!


You people are missing the point.
It's all about EMET.

We the consumer, or public, want to be told the truth about who and where our hard earned money is going. If we are told so-and-so rabbi supports this charity, and we are shown pictures of so-and-so donating money to the said charity, and we find out these pictures are dupes, it really says the same of the charity. If the director of so-and-so charity is taking home more than $100k, then you'd have to day someone is skimming your hard earned cash to pay for their kids 2008 Honda accord or seminary tuition.

A sheltered community, with no access to knowledge and technology, whose leaders tell them to not advance in their knowledge of the real world is being taken advantage of by their own people. Using technology, jargon and superstition to get people to donate money is downright dispicable.


to anon 12:20pm,
its so nice of you to explain hashems cheshbonos to all of us who are still grieving for eight heilege neshamos. it you have nothing smart to say, please dont say it.


I am utterly disgisted. You are all a bunch of low life sickly individuals. I personally know of many people who have benifitted first hand from this tremendously sensetive and kind organisation.
Widows, orphans, sick and financially unstable families have been thrown new lifelines, thanks to kupas haair.
And even if money is used for advertising its an investment which pays of well.
I am really not jealous of all you synicks putting down all these amazing charities.


Postage and shipping $387,000?
Does anyone have any idea how much money that is? To put this monumental sum into perspective, it
is enough to pay 2 1/2 times the Panama Canal passage fee for the largest ship ever build. By the way, the highest Panama Canal toll was $141,344.91, charged to a cruise ship called the Crown Princess. That's a lot of shipping for Kupat Hair! What exactly are they shipping for $387,000? Can we get a breakdown? Who's their postage and shipping manager? Is he shipping an entire Boro Park mansion brick by brick to Bnei Brak via DHL?????


Looks like out of 3.24 million nearly 22% (OVER $700,000) is overhead in all forms. Less than the 49% taken by many minor league mishulachim, BUT a lot by the standards of grade A tzadokos. I can find better ways of doling out the gelt that the Aibishter entrusted to me.


i just got the purim mailing
most testimoneals are for yesomim getting married.
so maybe simchat zion the sponser of the big event was competition and could that have had any reason in the kol korah.
also why should any contribute to the lowlife meshuganeers and reshaaim of ramat bet shemesh who beat up fellow jews.
save 400$000 in expenses give to a volunteer tzedaka, there are plenty out there


to annon March 09, 2008 12:20 PM
"There is no wonder that the ribbono shel olam lets the arabs shoot our boys in the back while learning in a bais medrash."
you are one sick man, who the ---- are you to somethinh=g outragous like that, shame on you, if hashem needs an accountant he will call you, for now you are here so wait till its your turn when he calls you and give him your account then, in the meantime sit back and chill


kupas hair - I thought you're talking about a boxed shaitel


It must be illegal to post a companies tax information on an internet blog.


The very name is a sheker, people think "HA'IR" must be yerusholayim.

If they called it Kupat Bnai Berak no-one would give a dime, and quite right.


They claim that they do everything acording to the Gedolim. I got a Purim mailing with a Computer CD in it. These Gedolim Assured having a computer (even with no internet) how and why would they send me a CD? Something does not sound right


Where is the physical address of this Tzedakah? Anyone know? Do they even have an Office in Israel? I couldn't find it.

Above poster is 100% correct. Pictures are photoshopped and it's so obvious. If that's not Sheker, I don't know what is. In my book that's Strike 3.

Can anyone verify these Nissim?


they get some kids to cry with fake tears
pashut a new hollywood business


There *area* organizations out there that are 100% volunteer with expenses for limited advertising donated (the little advertising that is done).

One such organization is Kupath Ezra in Monsey, NY.

And last years distribution was in the 1.5 mil area.

In the over 40 years of this chesed organization they have only once sent out mass mailings (after some other organizations, who shall remain nameless, falsely advertised themselves as the *community* charity.


The people who run this organization in the US are the ones who make the profit here. They live a lavish lifestyle and they give 10% to the actual people who they say they support. There rational is that 10% is better than nothing. The question is if you donate $100, are you satisfied knowing that only $10 is going to the poor? I know I am not comfortable with that. The people running it are making millions of our hard earned money by promoting sob stories. They are not getting my money any longer


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