Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another Kol Koreh 

Cute. I didn't get it til smirnoff.


Rolling Rock should be translated as
אבן המתגלגל
Am-Haaratzaus in such a serious matter should not be tolerated- he should be stripped of his semicha and be forced to hang pro-Zionist pashkevilin in Monroe....


Love it!


I Cant Read The Kol Koreh Cuz Its 2 Small 4 Me Can Anyone Write It 4 Me Thanks Alot A FREILECHEN PIREEM


and I though "bor hamisgalgel" was Colt 45 (revolver)


While even hamisgalgel is the literal translation of Rolling Rock, the gemara in Bava Kamma refers to a rolling rock as Bor Hamisgalgel. The author sacrificed literal translation for lomdishe purity. I should know- I'm the author. Shmeril Shmendrik is a nom de plume under which I made many a Purim Torah. I am honored to have my work appear on Chaptzem.


Colt 45? No self respecting Jew (or Get Toshav, for that matter) would drink such pedestrian rotgut! For shame - to mention such things on the hallowed bytes of Chaptzem!


Who is the fifth Rav?

I don't recognize his sefer.



5th rav is crown royal


It's the author again. I just want to clarify a few points:

1. I did not submit this to Chaptzem. Someone else did it. The appearance of this old, Yeshiva-specific humor on this site does not constitute an endorsement of Chaptzem as a halachicly kosher source of info.

2. The typos were corrected in a later version. This is the first version, which was put out as a rapid-response to drinking-banning efforts for the upcoming chagigah. Usually I go through several iterations of error-checking.

3. Sefer names like Shivas Regel, Taga Demalka and Bor Hamisgalgel were chosen due to those phrases appearing in seforim, even if the literal translation is slightly off.


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