Friday, March 07, 2008

Assemblyman Dov Hikind sends out letter for new Israel campaign 

Looks like a Shnurer letter and he will of course pay his first class tickets from there


He's so busy with Israel-way busier than he's with the people here in Boro Park. It's really pathetic and upsetting that he spends sooo much effort on Israel when he's supposed to be helping us!!!


That's right you two. A little bit of chesed, a show of support with the people of sderot, and you're concerned with when the trash will be picked up. Really, really sad.


Dov is flyig first class, and staying at Sderot Hilton.........


from somebody who knows, Dov has never flown business class and has never allowed anybody to pay for his tickets. and to anon 1:19 you should thank him for doing what he is doing for the people of Sderot since he is there representing YOU since it never entered your mind to give chizuk to our brothers and sisters in eretz Yisroel


Dov Hikind should consider
moving to Israel and run for
office. It appears that
is more concerned about events
outside Boro Park. While he has
the moral right to express
concern. He need not do it
as a Brooklyn Assemblyman.


Dov Hikind seems to be more interested in the people in Israel than in us here. Maybe he should move there and run for office there. Then maybe we can get someone to represent us here.


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