Friday, March 07, 2008

Chasidishe rescue team in $10,000 watch rescue effort 

A team of Chasidishe rescuers suited up in water-proof jumpsuits, boots and gloves and jumped into a Boro-Park storm drain to rescue a $10,000 watch that was accidentally dropped in.

Pictures from the aftermath of the rescue effort.

Couldn't they clean up after themselves?


What exactly is the point of saying they were Chassidish? Does it really make adifference if he was chassidish yeshivish or for that matter not religious at all? Does the media talk about rescue missions by stating whether he was christian jewish or muslim? Was the fire fighter a seventh day adventist or was he an iranian jew? If you think it really matters then lets hear why. Otherwise get a REAL day job.


WOW! A picture of a drain on a street corner!!
How about a picture of the expensive watch! or at least of the "Chasisishe" guys at work in the dirty swerer!


Another typical street corner in the "heilige" Shnoro Park. What's different about this corner??? NOTHING, It's just as filthy as all the rest of 'em. Oh when will they learn, when???


Just curious, does anyone know what kind of a watch it was that was worth $10,G. Did they find it? How did it fall in there to begin with ?


What chaptzem has left out is that someone dropped a diamond kallah watch in the drain, and called Chaveirim. The wonderful men of chaveirim (not all are chasidish) responded, and successfully recovered the watch.


People in Boro Park dont care if the street is Filthy, thats why the Storm Drain was Clogged,they only care about a 10k watch.Now a REAL picture of Chessed would be volunteer Chasiddish people cleaning the filthy Boro Park Streets!


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