Friday, March 28, 2008

Clothing drive for the poor in Israel charges to donate 

This truck purports to be running a clothing drive for people to donate clothing to be sent to poor people in Israel, yet they charge $12 a bag to 'donate'.

Save your money..... SCAM


Oh Look!!! A free ad for "just 4 wheels


Yeah! They ALL stink, inc. VAAD HARabbonim, KupatHair, etc..


its hard to believe that you fools are so dumb. who pays for the truck? who pays for the guy who has to stand their a whole day? who pays for the shipping to israel?


It costs a lot to ship stuff to Eretz Yisroel, that is also tzeddakah. Why are you calling this a scam. Someone has to pay and someone has to sort out the shmattes from the good stuff. A lot of people will just dump their shmattes when they see a clothing drive, but, if they have to pay, then maybe they'll think twice and those who really care will send their good stuff and be happy that they only have to pay $12 to get rid of it.


If someone has shmattes why would schlepp to this truck if they could just dump in the garbage?


The Bnai Raphael Chesed Organization accepts clothing for donation for shipment to Israel. Bnai Raphael will accept your donation free of charge. Bnai Raphael previously ran a clothing drive in conjunction with the National Council of Young Israel for the deportees from Gush Katif.
Bnai Raphael currently collects clothing donations and when a sufficient amount to fill a container is collected, Bnai Raphael ships the clothing to Israel for distribution by various charities. If you would like to donate clothing for this purpose, please call Raffi Hazan at 917 861 7282 for further information as to the location for drop off. Please do not drop off clothing at the Bnai Raphael Chesed Store as that location is reserved for food only. Bnai Raphael is a 510C3 tax exempt charity and is incorporated as Bnai Raphael Synagogue.If you would like to support the work of Bnai Raphael with a financial contribution please send your contribution to Bnai Raphael Chesed Organization 2917 Avenue K 11210. Also please be Mispallel for Rephael Chaim Ben Chana for a Refuah Sheleima.


$12 a bag is a big rip off.

$2 a bag will cover the co$t of the person$ who "donate" their time to $ort out the clothing.

$2 a bag will cover the co$t of the person$ who "donate" the truck.

$2 a bag will cover the co$t of the person$ who "donate" the time to $it in the truck.

$2 a bag will cover the co$t of the person$ who "donate" all their time and effort for thi$ beautiful mit$vah.

When will we start doing things L'Shmoa and no longer $helo L'$hma?


To the person who called me and
others a fool. The truck and
driver could have been donated
as a good gesture.
Also, to use a ship (container)
would be very reasonable.
This is just a SCAM!!!!!!!!!


I think someone should follow through with this drive to make sure that the clothing is actually reaching israel and being dumped in a dumpster or the hudson.This operation smells fishy, worse then used clothing


It's likely the well-known scam, similar to those red "Clothing Drop" boxes on street corners. Investigative reporters have determined that they take the donations and sell the clothing in 3rd world countried where they are very valuable and profitable. They do not say that the clothing is donated so it is not illegal.

In short, the rule is as follows:

If you have to pay money to make money, it's a scam (MLM, etc.)

If you have to pay money to donate clothing, run the other way!


can someone explain to us bloggers why this is not illegal?


Youre right!! "Someone" should follow it through!! Lets throw you into a garbage bag, and put you in the truck, let us know where you wind up and what you find out! The 12 bucks is on me!


as someone who ships used clothing to Eretz Yisroel as a volunteer -- I pay $22 per egg box for shipping! I do it because I know there are people there who need the clothing. The truck taking for $12 is not a scam -- they are cheap, trust me who spends my own money to send clothing to Israel.
remember, worse than you not doing chesed, is the punishment of those of you who discourage others to give and do. Shut up, idiots, who are too into themselves to donate and therefore scream "scam" so that there should be no one else donating.


10:44 it is not illegal because the monies get used to ship the clothing where it is needed. If you don't want to donate, fine. But there are some of us who know that Chesed and Tzedakah sustains the world.


This is just like the scam....
you just won a (whatever)to collect
it just send us $12.00 for
shipping and handling.
If you belive this con ....
I have a bridge to give you for
There is only a small fee for the
paper work.


A few years ago I packed up anice big bag of fairly new used clothing, and took it to the "Truck" to send it to Eretz Yisroel. After I paid $12.00 for them to take it, I was totally discuraged. The next year when my wife sent me with a bag of stuff to the truck, I just took it and dumped it in the corner dumpster. If you wanna collect clothing, collect clothing - if you wanna collect money collect money!


who ever thinks this is a scam you cold go yourself


Bnei Rephoel is a great place to donate clothing.


these comments really arent appropriate...u dont know for sure about the company and even if u did its just not right to make a mockery of it. if u hve problem contact the company directly this is really LOSHON HARA!


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