Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cop car hits pedestrian while speeding without lights and sirens 

According to witnesses a 70th Precinct Police car was speeding without his lights and sirens and hit a man that was crossing Coney Island Avenue. The Police did not even stop after the accident happened but rather continued on driving and did not turn back until he was a couple of blocks away from the scene of the accident. The victim was whisked away in an ambulance, leaving over a pool of blood. The victim is in very serious condition and according to emergency personnel will probably not make it. Eleven Police cars, from three different Precincts, amongst them several from the top echelon are at the scene. Crowds are gathering at the scene and are shouting at the Cops. The Police are gathering witnesses for questioning and are trying to control the situation.

I was on Coney Island last night and had to take a detour because the street was blocked off. well now i know why.

interesting to note, i saw this police car on ocean parkway about a half hour before i was forced to detour on Coney island, and saw this police car make several U turn on ocean parkway. at the time i wondered if he was drunk or something.

i wonder now if this was the same cop that hit the pedestrian!


Coney Island Avenue and where ?


Lucky Wolf,

You should report your observation. If in fact it was related it would be a sin to sit quite.


If making a U turn is evidence of DWI then half of Borough Park would be locked up.

Give me a break!


Anon 5:39,

what "lucky wolf" said "I saw this police car make several U turn on ocean parkway"

if it was someone you knew that died, you would want "lucky wolf" to speak up.
Now go ahead and take a break.


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