Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cops fail to follow NYPD regulations when making traffic stop 

Two New York City Police Officers failed to follow the regulations put forth by the NYPD for stopping vehicles when they performed a routine traffic stop. According to NYPD regulations, when a traffic stop is performed the Police Officers must pull their Police vehicle up behind and to the left of the offending vehicle. This is to protect the Officer from being hit by passing traffic when he does the stop. Also, according to regulations, both Officers must exit their vehicle and surround both sides of the offending vehicle. This too is to protect the Officers from being shot at by the offending motorist. The Police Officers that made the traffic stop here, pulled ahead of the offending vehicle and one of the Officers were too lazy to even exit his vehicle, leaving his partner to to do the stop himself. If New York City Police Officers can't follow their own regulations that were instituted to protect them, how can they be expected to enforce laws on ordinary citizens?

I don't understand the logic of this post. Why does this officer's car stop tactics matter to you?


its a nice pic but what makes you so sure that it was a traffic violation and not a motorist in distress????????????????????


pictures with out a plate or badge wont get you to far. please post at least a close up and send it in to the right auth.


let's be dan l'chav zechus- maybe the officer wasn't lazy, he just wasn't finished his 9th donut


here is a question:

are NYPD officers allowed to go thru a red light with a police car if they are not on a call?

also can they use their cellphones while they drive? (if not for emergency use)?


Hey, chaptzem, I got news for you, its not always practical to stop behind the vehicle, especially in crowded conditions in Brooklyn. Besides, it does'nt appear that the cops stopped the vehicle for suspicious reasons. Maybe, just to give directions or some other innocent reason.


Where is this written in the patrol guide hens the word guide that the car is supposed to be at a angle its not in the guide. . Who says it wasn't a accident and the officer was getting information from him? Or maybe the driver is asking him information.


I was recently witness to a car stop on Ocean Parkway where a cop made a driver step out of his car and approach the cop car to get his ticket.


We should be supporting the police if we want them to be sympathetic to our community.

If you don't agree, spend your day at the Sean Bell trial!


By the way one officer stays
in the car....unless something


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