Saturday, March 01, 2008

D'Var Yoim B'Yoimoi takes Di Classifieds to Beis Din 

An established Williamsburg daily ad paper, D'var Yoim B'yoimoi, has taken the new startup ad paper, Di Classifieds to Beis Din for Hasogas G'vil. DYB claims that since they were the first to come out with this idea in Williamsburg DC should not be able to do the same. DYB called DC to Hisachdus Beis Din, but DC said they would go only to the Tartikover Beis Din. DYB agreed and the P'sak of the Din Torah is currently pending.

Do you have to go to a beis din if you want to open a grocery store? Competition is what makes things affordable. Why do chasidim think they are allowed to have a monopoly just because they thought of something first? If they truly believe parnusa is fun himmel, they wouldn't worry about another paper or magazine, they would just try to do a better job on their own publication.


I don't know about these publications, but now there is someone that going to make a living


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