Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Google searches for Lipa reach an all new high 

Based on the geographical area represented it seems as these searchers are looking for LIPA, The Long Island Power Authority.


Well Mr Chaptzem, you are not to sharp. If you noticed all those cities are in Long Island...Reason LIPA is so powerful there is because L.I.P.A. is there power source...http://www.lipower.org/ - Mendy


March 05, 2008 9:13 AM & 9:17 AM...Thanks for pointing that out, I didnt realize that. However, why would the search for Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) be much greater now than it was in months past? Huh? obviously the search also includes the Power Co. but isnt it also obvious that people are searching for the Gadol Hador Reb Lipa Schmeltzer alot more too?


LIPA is an old issue could you please post something current, thanks



Most of the overall searches come from Long Island, but why the sudden spike in searches? my friends the here is the answer:

The lipa controversy!

so if there is an average of 1000 searches a day for L.I.P.A. and then for 2 or 3 days it jumps to 5000 searches a day searching for lipa (from the big event), it will still show Long island querying the most searches because it has been doing so for 10 years already.

500000 from Long Island vs. 15000 divided by Brooklyn, NJ, and all other Jewish cities.


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