Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lakewood Bocher wanted for armed robbery 

A 19-year-old Lakewood man has been identified as the suspect sought by authorities in an armed robbery at Reich Jewelers, where two employees were held at gunpoint and forced to fill duffel bags with jewelry.

Law enforcement agencies are searching for fugitive Avraham Rotenberg, 19, of Birch Street, Lakewood, in connection with the Feb. 17 robbery.

Rotenberg is wanted on charges of first-degree armed robbery, theft and possession of a weapon — a shotgun — for an unlawful purpose, according to the arrest warrant, Howell police Detective Eileen Dodd said.

Some of the jewelry was recovered after a Lakewood rabbi received a mysterious call at about 4:30 a.m. March 6 telling him to look outside his door for packages, police said. The rabbi called Lakewood police and reported the call.

Lakewood police responded and found two bags of jewelry outside the home of Rabbi Michael Rottenberg on Heathwood Avenue. The bags contained some of the proceeds from the Reich Jewelry store robbery.

Dodd said Reich Jewelers was robbed about 11:35 a.m. Feb. 17 by Rotenberg, who then fled the store with bags of jewelry.

During the robbery, Rotenberg kept the shotgun trained on the employees while demanding that they fill two duffel bags with jewelry from the display cases and the safe.

There were two employees and two customers in the store at the time of the robbery, which is located in the Grebow Shopping Center on Route 9, Dodd said. The robber fled in a 2004 Acura TSX with New York tags, and was found abandoned by Lakewood police off Miller Road in Lakewood the day after the robbery.


you have got to be kidding me!

the stories out of Lakewood/the frum community this past week are just getting crazier ny the day!

Undercover Goy, Frum boy in a Mormon concentration camp and now a frum armed robber?!!!


I don't think he did it for the money. It's not a yeshiva bochurs' type to engage in a violent robbery just to obtain cash. Also what kind of connection could he have with the underworld in trying to sell his goods & that's probably why he returned it. He must of had some albeit warped, ulterior motive.


he probably just wanted to help the store owner give more tzeddaka


I want to join the semicha program!!!


I guess when he gets out of the "freezer" he'll be the top gun in Lakewood in the oilam hashidduchim.


Someone told me about this story a few days ago. They also included that he fled to Israel and it was a Rabbi in Israel who convinced him to send the stolen goods back. The rabbi then sent it to a Rabbi in Lakewood. They didn't know the exact details on how it got to the lakewood rabbi but this story fits in.

I was told that all the stolen items were given back. I would assume he has to say out of the country because even if the store owner drops charges, the government doesn't have to since it was an armed robbery.


Lucky Wolf
It's not over yet, another public scam is about to be revealed, a Lakewood protege of DS is coming.


If he indeed fled to Israel, I don't thing it was a good idea to post it here, for it might lead to his extradition.
שומר פיו ולשונו שומר מצרות נפשו...




Come on people we all need to earn a parnossoh.We also need to be mekayem hashovas aveidoh and he was mekayem both!


In the US they celebrate April fools day a day earlier


To the poster 11:36 pm.

Are you saying that if he is
in Israel he should not be
returned to New York to stand
He needs to be treated by the
justice system as any other
I hope he is caught and if
found guitly punished.
No one should be allowed to
hide in another country to
escape the law.


Who is DS ?


He was obviously upset about the canceling of the Lipa concert!


Lucky Wolf
It's not over yet, another public scam is about to be revealed, a Lakewood protege of DS is coming.
please elaborate


It seems his father is a rav in lakewood. Does any one know in which shul or yeshiva he is affiliated?


Who is about to make headlines like DS??
EW?? already made headlines!!


he was mikayem "vihayshiv es hagzilah" thats it! Where does it say he has to go to jail? Jail min hatorah minaa-yin?


which yeshiva was this bochur attending?


I disagree that he return to N.Y. for a public fair trial. I also feel that his whereabouts should be kept secret..(afraid it's a bit to late for that) I agree he did a dangerous and digusting and almost unforgivable act. We should commend him for returning the jewelry though. Doesn't anyone think that he might have done TSHUVA?? I know it sounds crazy, but a YID must always be Dan Zchus. it was surely a big Nessoiyon for him to return the jewelryAnd let's say that he returned the jewelry out of fear.. He could have kept the jewelry hidden in a safe somewhere and disapear! but he chose to return the stuff.
My suggestion would be that he should get psychological help immediately, and be guided by a Prominent Rav, and of course be watched very closely by ASKANIM.. not only if he returns, but also wherever he is.
Locking him up will destroy a life of a young Bocher who still has a chance in his life for Tshuva.. And I bet he learned his lesson already..hopefully! It would destroy the life of his family, who are probably so agonized by this. They should be supported as well!
May hashem send us Moshiach Tzadkainu BB"amain!


He was not attending any Yeshiva. It's outrageous to even call this very troubled young man by the name "Bocher". The picture is obviously from a few years ago before he sadly went off the derech. This should be a lesson to all of what can happen to a child when things don't go in the right direction.. How sad!


Amazing what you bunch of clowns can joke about.

For whatever stupid reason he did it (if he did) he is looking at hard time in a very bad place.

The charges are federal so all the askunim, misaskim and other machers will not be able to do much of anything for him. R"L, his parents must be going thru Hell right now and very likely will be going thru it for years to come.

How can any yid with a drop of rachmanus in him joke about something like this???!!!

Have any of you thought about how many lives were just destroyed?


This was not a bochur in BMG, the Lakewood Yeshiva. It is a boy whose family is from Lakewood. The Headlines are misleading, probably puposefully.


If only his parents would have consulted with Reb Aharon Shechter and sent him to Tranquility Bay.


This is so sad!
He is not a yeshiva bochur. He dropped out years ago.
I never would've dreamt he would stoop that low. He seemed like a decent nice boy. Not the rough type.
Can only imagine what his family is going through.
I don't see how you people can joke about such a sad situation all around.


Does anyone know if his family is originally from Antwerp Belgium?
Hashem Yerachem Al Kol Yisroel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how sad


To all that feel sorry and that
he should not go to prison. You
must be nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A armed robbery-fleeing the
country and it's alright with you.
It is not alright. He needs to
be returned and face the charges.
If found gulity he will spend
several years in prison where
he can study all he wants.


To Yiddishe Mamme Post 3/31

After reading your post..... I
hope that you are joking. This
armed robber needs to be in
prison. You want to commend him
for returning what he took.
Get real......... he needs to be
returned to the U.S. and put on
You wrote that he "learned his
lesson" He is sorry that he got
caught. Prison awaits him for
his behavior. He is no better than
me or anyone reading this post.


NOT MEKABEL. Dosn't make any sense. I would not post the name until you sure 200%. 100% not enough anymore


If anyone bothered to click the link and read the newspaper article they would learn several things:
Firstly the FBI & federal marshals are looking for him & his passport is being monitored & it has not been used- therefore I would
assume he is not in Israel.
Secondly for all of those who think he did teshuva- I will quote the article
"Dodd said that the jewelry which was returned was only part of the proceeds and that authorities believe that Rotenberg kept the remainder of the stash."
I would assume they know this because the store knows their inventory before the robbery & has looked at what was returned.

Also- yes he is innocent until proven guilty. But there should be no tolerance for crime. Already the goyim think that jews get away with everything & it is a big chillul hashem. read the newspaper comments from the five towns & monroe, etc. there is virulent anti-semitism. We need to show that we don't condone crime- even if it is one of our own. It is already getting not so comfortable for us here in this country.


In my opinion they should drag this kid back to New York by the ears and make him stand trail. Hopefully he will be found guilty and spend a nice part of his life in prison (belive me i's for his own good).
I actualy know this kid from camp a few years back, hes a chai ruah.
He soaked a kid with gasoline at a camp fire a then lite him on fire.
This kid suffered severe 3rd degree burns all over his body and spent 3 weeks in westchesters burn unit.
Let him hang, he was going to shoot a frum jewish jewlery dealer if he would have not have handed him over the goods.


I think he was looking for a part with Renee Zelwegger for "Price Above Rubies, Shtayim"! Blame his parents and blame his schooling. He made choices, but so did his horim and mechanchim. If only he was accepted when a) he didn't want to learn, b) when he watched movies, c) when he talked to girls, d) when he smoked...it was down hill from there. He should be canned (go to jail), but give him a break and everyone else who is "off the derech". You'll save more souls that way!


please be careful when accusing.
i was also there in the camp ,and the facts are... he was adding some gasoline onto the fire (a very common practice at campfires), when by mistake some of the gasoline fell on the other boy who was close by. the heat from the campfire tragicaly caused the boy to catch fire. it was clearly an accident, as anyone who was there agreed so. furthermore, i remember clearly that due to the accidental nature, the hurt boy and his parents, had no bad feelings towards avraham,
please check facts carfully before accusing, and especially when posting on web(read also by non yidden), so not to add chillul hashem based on a untrue story


to midwestern bliss:
it is obvious that you dont know him or his family, this kid had a great relationship with his whole family, he lived at home, and they accepted his behavior with compassion and love, they tried everything to help him out from his problems, which... by the way... was primarily a result of his tourrets syndrome.


since when is tourrets syndrome.
a heter to steal and kill ??


I can't believe some of the people saying he shouldn't stand a trial. If it were a non-Jew who had robbed someone at gunpoint you'd all cry in outrage and want the person locked away and his key thrown away. Yet when a Jew does it and supposedly returned everything he learned his lesson. What ever happened to "law of the land"? I guess this doesn't apply since it was a Jew.


litkacks alwase made fun of the chasidim that thay are currupt well all i say to the litkacks is eat your own kreplech Ha Ha Ha ...




it is a known fact in lakewood that their is a heavy mob presence in lakeood These thugs lend money to teens at risk at high interest if they cant pay they will hurt you, so this kid owed them money and that is why he id it?
so please be danlecaf zechus,
if u dont know what happen shut up.
Innonocence till proven guilty,

Teenager who was in the same mess,


Abisel rachmunis and abisel sensitivity


To Phillip; posted 4/1 at 5:59 A.M.

What exactly do you mean by your quote;
"He is no better than me or anyone else reading this post."
Please explain.

And to Anonymous 4/2 at 8;29 A.M.;
Are you suggesting that he be put to jail, so to satisfy the blood thirsty anti Semite's? And do you really believe that from thereon anti semitism will subside?!?! Wake up and become realistic. When we Chas Vesholom do evil against our own brothers, we then actually feed into virulent anti semitism much more!! That is true Chillul Hashem! And against the Torah.
I still stand firm with my first post, of 3/31 10:20 a.m. with some slight changes..due to the fact, that much more information has come into "Chaptzem blogs" e.g.
read Post anony: 4/2 at 2:39 p.m.; stating the fact, (if in fact?..) that the Bocher suffers from Tourette's disease, which is a Neurobehavioral condition, Hashem Yerachem. If that is the case, it might be best for him and safer for the public, that he be treated for his illness in a special institution, where their is 24/7 strict supervision.. for as long as it takes for him to recover fully, and be considered 100% safe for the public.
To all judgementals: Please read wikipedia for more info on Tourette's disease!
And that is if the whole story about this Bocher is true!! I totally agree with anonymous writer
posted 4/1 at 5:18 p.m.

My comment to Anony: writer, posted 4/1 at 5:18 p.m.:
I bet you learn sefer Chofetz Chayim. Am I right? Whether yes or no, you sure have quality and Yirei Shamayim within yourself, B"H. I agree with your comment 200% and you should be commended for posting it Berabim (ברבים).


To anonymous poster 4/2, 4:45 p.m.
are you Jewish? I don't think so.. Obviously you don't seem to have a JEWISH heart at all!!
How much did you protest at the O.J. Simpson's trial?? And even if you did (did you?? or were you one of his big fans who prayed for his "freedom"..) He, unlucky Star, unfortunately, got away with his x-wife's and her boyfriend's brutal murder! And same goes for so many other Big "NONE" Jewish Stars, e.g. famous baseball Stars and other stars, e.g. Michael Jackson and many many more none Jews being charged with child molestation, dangerously violent abuse, rape, and murder ?? And most of them getting away with murder; HOME FREE!!!! How much have you commented on that?? I bet not once!
Your last sentence through me off. you wrote: "Whatever happened to "law of the land"? I guess this doesn't apply since it was a Jew" I have no doubt in my mind that you are not Jewish, and may I add, you most probably have anti Semitic blood in yourself. Quote me if I'm wrong, because if you are "Jewish" you are still a heartless Nazi! Shame on you! Jewish or not! You do not fit in with us at all!


To Yidishe Mamme

Are you saying that since this
person is jewish.... his
behavior is what? He should
not be sent to prison if found
guilty of Armed Robber.
(A shotgun)
You call someone a nazi and not
"part of us" To those who write
that since he has a mental
health issue. When all state
of New York prison has psych
units and psychologists on
As I wrote before...
he is no bewtter than me
or anyone else. Prison awaits
him if found guilty after a


Teenager who was in the same mess,
April 03, 2008 12:15 AM
it is a known fact in lakewood that their is a heavy mob presence in lakeood These thugs lend money to teens at risk at high interest if they cant pay they will hurt you, so this kid owed them money and that is why he id it
A bit more info, Please
Can something be done about this?
Maybe something good will come out of this.


To Phillip,
Whom are you trying to impress, while you're twisting my words around?? It's best if you stay out of this. unless you re-read my posts very slowly and with concentration, and if you won't, because you have an aggressive and ---- nature, please remove yourself from our website.. you are not very welcome here. you are so biased..so openly.. how disgusting!!


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