Monday, March 31, 2008

Lakewood may implement new 11 man minyan takunah 

Lakewood is considering implementing a new 11 man minyan takunah. If this new takunah is approved by the Rabbanim 11 men will need to be present during every minyan. The new takunah will serve as a precaution in the event that one of the men from the minyan turn out to be not Jewish.

why stop at 11 . I bet there are many more non jewish people in lakewood


Or maybe, not Jewish *enough*.


is this a joke??


This has to be a joke. It doesn't even make sense.

Does that mean 11 people you think/believe are Jewish?

If you have 9 men and 1 known convert-in-progress, then you still need 11 other men that are thought to be Jewish?


There is an opinion quoted in the name of the Babylonian "Ge'onim" that for the 10th you could use a child and some say also a woman for the 10th....
Even though this opinion is, on the whole, rejected, for a "safek" it should be good enough
So just have a child or a lady available....


You know, April 1 is tomorrow.


I think the new ruling is that 9 men are allowed to make a minyan if one of them is carrying a shotgun.


You need 11 because fellows like Abe Rotten-bug may execute one of the mispalelim,hence the need for at least 10 survivors.


According to halacha we say we dont asume an issur unless there is reason to sespect one. I dont understand why you would need 11.


Or maybe one of the guys wasn't meivi shtei sa'aros. Or maybe he's really a women.

Say krias shma twice each time, in case you didn't say it right the first time.
Take 2 esrogim, 2 lulavim, 3 aravos, and 4 hadassim (OK, I know, 3's a chumra anyway)--ya never know.
Mandatory acharon every shabbos; fourth "just in case" aliyah every weekday.
2 drink minimum at every tisch.
Chamesh kosos.
5 tzitzis strands.
101 kolos by tekias shofar. No, better yet, what if the ba'al tekiah isn't Jewish? 100 kolos from each of 2 blowers.
2 lainings (never know about that ba'al korei)
2 brisin (oh, wait....)


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