Friday, March 21, 2008

Lynching of Haman and his ten kids in Boro-Park 


where are the boys with the white sheets and the burning mogen duvids?


They're all in white shirts and black pants like yeshiva boys. What a horrible image, looks like something out of the camps. Has no one any sensitivity?


I agree with 4:21

That is a sick image for survivors or any human being.
What will goyim think?
We should not enjoy this kind of humor, its definitely not "frum"
Maybe for holloween.


This is AWFUL. What an image to portray in America, POST world war 2??

SHAME on the CHILDREN'S PARENTS who allowed such a thing. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!


I actually think its great. The only thing that dosn't make sense is that they're made of clothes which make them look like yeshivah bochurim, but otherwise I think that those who think it is inappropriate have gone way to far around the left bend.

Imagine you went in a time machine two thousand years in the future and people were complaining that burning an effigy of hitler was bad taste and would send the wrong message.

I think the only thing they did wrong was failing to add an effigy of ahmenidinejad.


To 10:24 what will goyim think? you asked- what about yoshke hanging infront of evry church in jewish areas is that being sensitiv to jews?


I'm sick of Boro Parkers who think its a mitzva to annoy every goy possible and show 'em who is boss around here!
Its bad enough blaring air raid sirens or awful music erev shabbos, or just driving like animals.
You should try not rocking your boat; a generation ago they were hanging your grandparents.
Don't think it couldn't happen again.
The Hungarians Jews were the ones who until mid-1944 were sitting around eating kokosh cake speaking Hungarian as they burnt polish jewry thinking "the hungarians love us" and "if anything happens we'll call Edgar Gluck or Simcha Felder and everything will be just fine."
Stop irritating goyim and just be happy they leave you alone!
Live.But let live as well.


For anonymons posted 12:24

Explain the to me and others
how a church/cross offends
Jewish people?
How long have you been a jackass?
Sorry, did not mean to insult


I so agree with the previous post. Boro Park is a multi racial multicultural place to live. That is what makes NY the melting pot and what gives it charachter. Please don't make people hate us more than they already do. You don't see anyone else doing this on their holidays. Also to the post talking about the crosses on churches that is not relevant to this post. That is what they believe in. If not then all the world would believe in Hashem and be Jewish.
Respect eachother!!!


I guess people had some wet laundry to hang up to dry.


When are we all going to realize that we are guests in a Christian country
and as such we should keep a low profile. Hasn't history taught us anything? By displayng this grotesque
scene , our non jewish neighbors get the impression that we are a radical religion and no different then other radicals. This only causes more hate and antisemitism


This is disgusting. Yidden are not a violent people and we have kavod for bodies even of criminals. Certainly Haman and his sons had it coming and deserved what they got, but it was Achashverosh who had him hanged, not the sanhedrin, so we shouldn't broadcast "lynching" or hanging bodies out the window of a yeshiva as something we endorse


Right because Haman and his sons all wore white shirts and black pants. That is pretty bad. They must have put up those bodies while they were drunk.


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