Monday, March 31, 2008

Margarine, Tam Tams hard to find for Passover 

Don't expect to pass the crispy Tam Tam crackers during Passover. Or maybe even brownies, cookies and cakes.

Two shortages are nibbling at the traditional meals surrounding the Jewish holiday, which begins at sundown Saturday, April 19.

Manischewitz, the largest maker of unleavened matzo crackers, announced this week that equipment problems halted this year's production of its bite-size Tam Tam.

The octagonal cracker, popular for appetizers and snacks, often outsells regular matzo in Northeast Ohio, according to Paul Haines of Midland Foods, a local distributor for the New Jersey-based manufacturer.

More critically, Manischewitz will not offer Mother's brand kosher-for-Passover stick margarine, a cornerstone of holiday baking for those adhering to strict interpretation of kosher dietary laws.

Haines said Midland was unable to get the margarine, which it supplies to most major supermarkets in the area. Calls to the manufacturer were not returned.

"This is going to be a nightmare," said Charlotte Price of Euclid. "Either you have to give up the idea or substitute. And I have no idea."

Neither does Bev Shaffer, Plain Dealer food-question columnist and teacher at Mustard Seed Markets. Tub margarine with its higher water content produces flattened cookies and cakes, she said.


forget about kosher l'pesach Tam Tams, the chometz variety is impossible to get. I am told that manishewitz makes it for all the other companies and that they stopped production. can anyone verify this? please! I need my Tam Tams.


Gee, you mean for EIGHT WHOLE DAYS someone might either have to bake with OIL or not have CAKE?? And how many use potato starch and oil anyhow! *gasp* THE HORROR!!!

For pete's sake, so one goes eight days without. Big deal.


Its going to be a nightmare?

Actually I am happy for this, a few less heart attacks, a few less tablespoons of pure Trans Fat killing margarine!


I, for one, would never know, I never uas the stuff.


this is a real problem i think i'm
gonna have to go to a hotel for pesach
Anybody know of any gebrockts hotel for pesach


instead of bashing the problem why not try to find a solution to those who need it My mother asked me to get her 6-8 and now i find out not making any hmmmm is there a subsitute out there for the missing margarine this year ???


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