Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Lipa Schmeltzer wake up music video 

Couldn't tell if this was made pre-tshuvah or post-tsuvah.

Maybe this guy would have gotten a better night's sleep if he didn't go to bed wearing his clothes.
This is no way to impress your shidduch date, coming to her door in wrinkled pants and shirt.
Could be that's why this 30 year old guy is still sleeping alone?


Hey! Maybe he's lubavitch! That's why his clothing are so farshlepped and wrinkeled! The only way to tell for sure is if he's also sleeping with his hat...


Apparently this guy didn't learn basic halachah....touches his eyes before neigel vasser.




it was made pre. I saw it before the ban.


to anon 11:02 what does lubavitch have anything to do? so your saying that boro parkers have crisp white startched shirts? also i think i saw payos so ya


This is old news. I saw this on MTV last week!


I can't tell you how long ago I saw this, at least over one year ago. Anyway all he said was, he will not sing at concerts or sing a song from a goyishe niggun, so don't talk until you are 100% sure like me. The teshuva part was the not signing a song from a goyishe niggun not the concert part. The reason why he said he will not sing at concerts anymore was because the godilim assered it and he wanted to listen to the gedolim. A Freilichin Purim & finish your fast easily!
P.S. Don't forget AD DELO YADA not AD DELO TILL YOU START ACTING NUTS OR END UP IN THE HOSPITAL. Once again A Freilichin Purim & finish your fast easily.


let lipa get a life and start singing nice jewish music


I alredy saw this man by lipa's song "CHALOM CHOLAMTY" the song is prety nice


i saw this video right after Lipa Keneina Hora came put


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