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A Plea to the Greater Boro Park Community from the Boro-Park West Community Association 

Sent in by a Chaptzem reader;

Dear Yidden:

Like you, we have a need for quality medical care. We have no argument over this issue. We also agree that it is a good thing to have a hospital located near our community, where we can deliver our babies and get quick help in times of medical emergencies.

However, Maimonides Hospital has a dark side that you may not be aware of—They have an unlimited desire for more and more growth and profit, which has nothing to do with better medical care for our community.

In fact, it undermines the mission of better medical care by distracting the management from medical quality issues to growth and expansion issues. At this time, Maimonides has established outpatient medical clinics all over Brooklyn, not just in Boro-Park.

Over the last 20 years, Maimonides has steadily encroached on the residential areas of Boro-Park West, the community, which surrounds the immediate area of the Hospital. Our community has been severely damaged by this irresponsible and uncontrolled growth and expansion policy .

The Hospital have converted hundreds of residential housing units to heavy-commercial use to the point that we are very concerned for the continued viability of our community.

While Boro-Park suffers from a desperate need for housing, Maimonides Corporation clearly intends to continue to use their money and their power to destroy more and more residential housing, in order to convert them to commercial use for their own profit.

The purpose of our zoning law is to segregate commercial areas away from residential areas, so that people can enjoy a normal quality of life, without being overwhelmed by the noise, traffic, and environmental problems associated with commercial zoning.

Maimonides has shown utter contempt for the spirit and the letter of our zoning laws. They have made no effort to shield their neighbors from high noise levels. Their ugly buildings deface our neighborhood. There is no buffering, no landscaping.

They have not made adequate provision for the increased parking that is necessary. Maimonides is foisting all the hidden costs of their many expansions on the unwary members of our community. They are steadily eroding our quality of life.

Aren't you all glad you voted for Felder, Hikind, Dear and the other elected Tzadikim?


We had my first child in Maimonodes, it was really an awesome experience. At no other hospital in the US do you find a completely kosher kitchen.
All the food served there is kosher.

I would support the hospital on this one. They must grow to keep up with the huge local community. Sometimes a few people get hurt in the process, usually renters who don't stand to get paid to leave. I'm sure they will find alternate housing, we should set up a Vaad to help those people who can't find alternate housing.

Or are Vaads only set up for bans and kavod harabanim.


there is plenty of room in the Five Towns and Rockaway. We welcome you to it.


mi keamcha yisrael!!!


you are definately correct about the noise pollution, at approx. 8;30 and later;time varies, they make so much noise, its so hard to fall asleep...might be garbage compacting???? and i wont go into details about traffic and pollution. very interesting to see soooo many unamerican doctors and staff there.





FYI, Beth Israel Hospital-Kings Highway Division and Community Hospital, both in Flatbush have only kosher food.


The sad ‘dark side’ of (MMC) Maimonides Hospital has been coming to light over the past several years! For all those who protest “where’s the yiddens hakoras hatov to MMC…for all it does for OUR community” let me explain this.

MMC is a HUGE PROFITABLE BUSINESS (and does it under the banner of ‘non-for profit’).
The reason why they are “so accommodating” to the frum community is simple.. “we are their CUSTOMERS.. WE GIVE THEM MOST OF THEIR BUSINE$$) if it was situated in china town, then the Chinese people would also be very accommodated etc. Not only that, Hatzolah and Bikur Cholim (may they, and all their volunteers be blessed) are given ‘special treatment’ ..WHY? Because they BRING THEM CUSTOMERS (customers = $$$$$)

You see how MMC ‘sponsers’ so many events… look at who their sponsoring, organizations that give them / refer them business.

You see MMC ( Maimonides Hospital ) helping Bikur Cholim in their blood drives… guess what BLOOD = LOTS OF $$$$$$
YES, by law there’s no discriminating blood – so yiddisher blit may go to non-yiddisher mentchen, yet Bikur Cholim wants to have ALL the blood at MMC to be yiddisher blit, so that any yid needing a transfusion (MMC make tons of $$$$ off that blood) will by default get yiddisher blit.

The sad (dark side) of MMC, is that they sugar coat all of their profits in the name of “helping the community” and that’s how they can bypass all the building code laws etc.

Let not your heart be convinced that ‘MMC is there for you’ – their here for themselves- all the executives are making unreal ‘salaries’ – if you lookup their 990 (public info) the CEO is making over $750,000 a year!!! “Executives” are making over $550k
Now you understand why they act so nice to you??!!

Unfortunately, a few years ago MMC instituted a policy that was CRUEL, and KENEGED HATAROAH – that was that ER patients were not allowed anyone to ‘be there with them in their time of need’ (then after much pressure the allowed a ER patient one family member for 20 minutes per 3 hours. Still insane)
People died because of this!! Blood is on their hands!!
Think about it, your loved one just had a heart attack or stroke or other emergency.. the choleh is told..sorry.. “hospital policy” (they used the lie of “its for your benefit” etc), your wife, husband, child etc. cannot stay with you in this time of need. As all of you know, to get proper help, a family member must be on top of the staff to get things done (in order for the patient to survive) – basically the staff didn’t like to be told what to do, and threatened financially – therefore the hospital that cares for you, gave in to their staff because of a possible money loss. (BTW, your wondering why is it keneged hatora? FYI a choleh, and anyone helping the choleh, even if its for his ‘peace of mind’ is allowed to be mechallel shabbos and yom kippur to be with the choleh!! (he is also putur from mitzvos etc)

I have more to write – however the truth will come to light, and all the “charitable acts” MMC exploits, will eventually be revealed to the public.


To anonymous, who seeks to expose MMC for the money hungry, and greedy pigs that they are:

You do raise some valid points.
It is true that the executives at MMC, a non-for-profit organization, are earning bloated salaries. Unfortunately this is likely the case at almost all non for profit hospitals in this country and one of the factors responsible in driving up the cost of health care.

Do you think there is anything wrong for an organization to sponsor an event in order to derive business out of it?

On the MOST part, the doctors, nurses, technicians, and janitors at MMC aren't gaining from the hospitals billing practices. I've been there a couple of times and although some of the staff members are obnoxious and bitter, I think that it is fair to say that as a whole, the staff at MMC are doing their best in the treatment of patients.

Yes they build, and when possible try to expedite permits. But that's is how its done. It's not a sports stadium they're building, It's a hospital for god's sake.

Bitching about the one hospital we have in the community isn't going to get you anywhere. We need health care reform that will change the way the non for profits run business across the entire nation.


I live between 49th and 52nd Street in BP for 35 years B'H. Unfortunately (dont take this the wrong way b/c its great to be able to afford a house today in BP)I see the frum yidden buying up houses and getting ordinances to take away parking spots to build driveways in front of the big over 3 level houses. The houses block the sunlight and take away from the look of the neighborhood. Why fight over a hospital? A place we all use like it or not for life and death matters.


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