Thursday, March 27, 2008

Post-Tshuva Lipa Schmeltzer performs in front of mixed crowd 

Ban shman. A newly reformed Lipa Schmeltzer does a special Purim performance this year for a crowd of men and women.

From Gruntig

Purim is altz muter -the banners were to blind drunk to ban....


We are close to something big!
Never in our history was there so much unbelievable and chaotic stuff goin on.

I am unfortunately not thinking much about moshiach on a daily basis, but what's goin on lately forces me to believe, that moshiach is on his way.

Don't you feel the same?


Not to bash Lipa any more then he already has been but that song also comes from a secular song!


This was the Small Event which is specifically excluded in the fine print of the ban.


He was drunk what do you want. Ha! I mean he must have been it's inconceivable that he could do such a horrendous thing in front of the enormous crowd of about thirty WOW! people while sober.


give the guy a break...




ORIGINAL LYRICS to this song:

This popular rock'n roll song came out in the mid 60's. The lyrics,
sung by a woman, were something
like this:
" I love you, I love you... don't lead, don't lead me, cause you know I might not follow, not follow..."


LIPA !!! you are not cooooool dont act like a fooooooooooool


where was this?


lipa shmeltzer is a very nice guy I know him persenly he say's he want's to do tushva but it's very hard for him he is trying his best


Since when isn't LIPA allowed to sing for the family. I know some of the people its all friends and family.


I know lipa persenal he is a very nice man he told me that he wants to do tushva but he is trying and it is very hard so please have pity on him he is doing a lot of mitzvas inthe hospatal, weddings, bar mitzvas, and much more so leave him alone and take this thing against lipa and throw it away in the garbage please!!!


I bet you he borrowed that orange jumpsuit from some of the Daf Yomi chevra in Otisville.

The Kannoim were probably too sloshed themselves to notice.


Mabye be dan lichav suches some times


you people are so stupit. this song has been sung for a long time and it is famous.amudai shaish sings it and other singers too,but i dont know who composed it.but the tune in the beginning,middle,and end of the song, is a copied goyish tune.


i dont see any mixed crowd. am i missing something?


Firstly this happens to be a drunk man singing, not a singer performing.

Secondly, Lipa is the best Jewish music has to offer, and this video proves it again. This guy is a real guy who likes making people happy and freilech, and has a good time as well, and dosn't stand on stage whining into a microphone like a castrated cat,buried in makeup, constipating out what are suppused to be tears of hislavus while really wondering what all the besulos are thinking about him, like the rest of the schweky crowd singers. The only PERFORMERS the Frum Velt have is a slim pick such as Adi Ran, MBD, Lipa, yehudah glantz, and not to many more.

Thirdly for all those people which don't like lipa, put yisroel williger back on and enjoy your constipation.



To Anonymous : March 27, 2008 7:50 PM:

you wrote >>you people are so stupit. this song has been sung for a long time and it is famous.amudai shaish sings it and other singers too,but i dont know who composed it.but the tune in the beginning,middle,and end of the song, is a copied goyish tune.>>

That being said... It's spelled STUPID, Stupid!snjlyh


The song Baruch Hagever was written by somebody I know personally! She is a frum lady and she wrote it in high school. A singer paid for the rights to put it on his album. The composer's name is Iris and her maiden name is Padawer! I believe she is mentioned on some of the CD jackets...


A good time was had by all.


why are we posting videos of his family purim party?? and duch cursing him out for celebrating with his family!? Let him Live!


its seems from the video that the crowd is NOT mixed the ladies are on a different side. stop picking on lipa


I never knew that some ppl are just to bored with life and all they worry about is to bash other ppl. also this was a private event so i dont know what the big deal is


Anon 12:03am

If this person Iris Padawer is so frum, then why would she use a goyish tune and make it into a jewish one?



I would like Lipa, or any Frum
musician, to do a Jewish copy
of "Wipeout" - another 60's oldie
from the group called, "The


this song is sung by lev tahor and is totally jewish. SO STOP MAKING UP STORIES THAT LIPA SINGS GOYISH MUSIC


It's true Lipa is not such a frum guy and did botch up in life but he knows it and is trying to correct his mistake.We have to give him credit for trying to do teshuva and for backing out of the Big Event!!


T'shuva for what? If it weren't for copying goyish tunes, we'd have almost no Jewish music.

Ask Mordechai Ben David where the tune for "Yidden" came from. It's a GERMAN folk tune. He thinks no one would find out and be holier than thou.

Give us all a break from this nonsense. It's sad that people are losing respect for some Rabbonim for making ridiculous takonos. Families can't go to a concert anymore? The Rabbonim should spend time cleaning up the real problems facing Klal Yisroel.


evrybody here wants to br frum mr.chaptzem to so why do you go on the internet all the rabunim put a ban on it you could get all the goish music from google so stop saying lipa is a goy you are one so keep quiet



anybody know the girl in the superman costume?


news flash, men marry women and women marry men, get use to it. also if you look it seems his back is to the women.and the men aswell are dancing some distance away from the women.


Mituhn can shmekle,or whatever you call yourself,leave out the halachic aspects of what you're doing . how lifeless are you that you sit around trying to disrupt a persons life further?!?! I have a great idea for you: Nem dan grubbeh anoose ahrose fin (Lipas) layben!!!!!!! LET THE MAN LIVE!!!!!! ps. The word "anoose" means "Michelah" in yiddish. Go figure mr.pippik


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