Monday, March 24, 2008

Rabbi touts city as place to live for New York's Orthodox Jews 

Edmonton is being sold as a haven for Orthodox Jews despairing the cost of living in North America's bastion of Jewish communities - New York City.

"Compared to Manhattan and some other big cities with large Jewish communities, we're not too bad (in terms of affordability), despite Alberta's booming economy," Rabbi Daniel Friedman, 32, of the Beth Israel synagogue, said yesterday.

Friedman's wife, Rebbetzin Batya Friedman, 31, will be in New York next month representing Edmonton as an alternative city well-suited to those practicing an observant lifestyle.

Othodox Jewish customs mean followers must live within walking distance of synagogues, buy food prepared in kosher fashion and send their children to Jewish schools - among other practices.

Travelling to New York in the Rabbi's stead because of his prior commitments, Rebbetzin will appear at a conference hosted by the Orthodox Union, which represents around 1,000 orthodox congregations across North America.


Canada is a great place to live as long as you stay healthy.their socialized medicine really stinks.


On a side note: the draw for wifes is the known fact that West Edmonton has the world's largest mall.




o common, Vancouver is a much nicer city!


And Edmonton Menorah Academy is a top notch yeshivish day school with fine rabbeim


Sorry, but I love it here in South Florida. I live in Inverrary, a very "Mixed" community with Chassidim, Yeshivish, Lubavitchers, Modern Orthodox, and all other types of Yidden. There is also a Meshichist shul. And we all seem to get along.

We have 3 nice mikvuois.

We have Yeshivas, pre-schools, High Schools, Seminaries, 2 smicha programs, and ... for the ladies ....about a dozen nice malls to choose from.

A 3-4 BR pool house, short walking distance to shul is in the $300 - $400's.
3 BR townhomes right next door to shul in the LOW $200's
2BR townhomes right next to shul in the higher $100's
Giant 3BR townhomes a few block away from shul are just under $200

2 & 3 BR condos from $66k to $160
and rentals right across the street from shul for around $800.00

Oh, yes, no state income tax. Lower sales tax.
Plenty of parking everywhere, which means no parking ticket expenses.

Each home/townhome comes with 2 reserved parking places.

It is beautiful to see a Satmar Chossid with vaaser zokin and an Israeli Mod Orth walking together to shul, and nodding "Git Shabbos/Shabbat Shalom" to a Meshichist Lubo, while there are two Lubavitcher shuls so the normals and the meshichisten can have their own shuls. And, miracles of miracles, some of them get along too.

Hey, the Yechi people have to get along with us if they want to use our Mikvuois (mikvas to them)... (smile)

But, most important of all:
It is hard to find a Jewish neighborhood whose weather can beat Inverrary (Ft Lauderdale area) weather.

I hate to even visit NY during the winter! ... CANADA? NO WAY! It may even do something horrific like SNOW up there.


We may lose feelings in our extremities from November to March. But our kids can walk the streets, we can stroll in any part of town 24/7.
Enjoy your fortress, but do come to visit and see what it is to be alive


walk the streets 24/7? with snow shoes maybe.


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