Friday, March 14, 2008

Six-thousand Purim costumes 

Pictures of the six-thousand Purim costumes to be sold by Bikur Cholim of Boro-Park for $10 each, at cost.

are they going to have buy 1 get 1 FREE ?


And they say Maimonides takes away the beauty and parking in the neighborhood. What about them. This picture was taken on 10th Ave between 50-51st Street. Maimonides has a commercial driveway to unload on not a public street.


what does that have to do with cholim?How many jewish business' get hurt by this?


Arent they sup to use their money for Holocaust survivors. Is this where the hunagrian money train, money is going?


This is in front of the same shul that started the Boro Park West Letter. Bikur Cholim is on 52 Street.

Bikur Cholim is getting something out of this. No?
Recognition. Yes!

Oy Nebach if pple are so in need of Purim Costumes but, can spend on Shabbos robes and etc what does that tell us?


Were the costumes donated or is the ten dollars the bikur cholim cost? If they are not making any money on it and it's not tzedaka,then the oilem should know that you can buy buitiful costumes for less money at your neighberhood closeout store


Bikur Cholim is trying to regain from its tarnished image of the past few years. I would suggest they hire a consultant like the CEO of Misaskim, who knows how to make a big deal out of good things they do. Maybe they should give a count of how many apple juices (supplied by the hospital not Bikur Cholim) are being used in the Bikur Cholim Room in Maimonodees a year. If they would just do what a Bikur Cholim should do; supply food and comfort to the ill and their families (not the mentally ill who control that room in Maimonodees)they would not have an image problem


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