Friday, May 16, 2008

BREAKING NEWS - Hundreds of Jews march for Police protection in Crown Heights 

Due to the latest multitude of black-on-Jew violence in Crown Heights and the growing frustration within the community of the lack of Police intervention, members of the community have staged a march of protest. Three hundred Jewish neighborhood people marched down Empire Blvd. passed the 71st Police Precinct to let their voices be heard. The crowd then proceeded to march to Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue where they have blocked the street and closed traffic in both directions. Instead of listening to the communities pleas for protection, the Police are now dispatching a task force to dismantle the march.

I think that community needs outside help. they need some big boys to help them


let me get this right the community is demanding more police because of crime.
is this the same community that assaulted and maced someone a few weeks ago and refuse to help the police. hhmmmm


The jews are always crying the same s*%t.what about the black kid that got assaulted by the jew.Trust me they get special treatment From the NYPD/POLITICIANS


The whole crown Hieghts community are a bunch of savages


to 'larry',

that incident, where a Jew maced a black, was due to a lack of police protection! Those Jewish individuals, as reported, were part of the local Shmira Security, which stepped up its patrols due to the lack of police presence.


to Larry
if there was police protection then the kid would not have thrown stones at people and then would not have gotten himself in to trouble. when there is an average of ten attacks per day and the police lose the reports we make someone is has to act


attacking someone and macing them then leaving them on the street is not part of any security patrol no one has answered my question why hasn't the community told the police where the person that did the aslt is .
what happen to young Alon by all accounts is a common street robbery and wrong, robberies happen all the time not just in the jewish community.
how come I have not seen or heard any news that the boy that was maced was throwing stones, not every black person is looking for trouble .
funny I've been reading this site for a while now and have posted on it before but when the police are out there doing their job like issuing tickets they are called every name imaginable by people on this site ( not everyone on the site)but the majority .
now that something happened you want them around more often tsk tsk tsk


Thats BS, since when is it the police's job to give tickets ? sorry you have no concept of the law. The official police job is to "keep the peace" although it isnt their job to defend individual's, it is their job to protect the community as a whole.

You guys are morons.. what if a black guy was assaulted ? what about balkany ? about the hundreds of black assault casses ? and plenty involving racial slurs ? you seem blind to that.. and the black community isnt handing anyone over.

Heck no I dont want cops.. when a guy tries to rob my family's house in FL, if I am home I will shoot him then call the cops...

Attempted robbery, assault etc.. are all legal grounds justifying drawing your weapon in FL.. failure to back down will have me unflinchingly pull the trigger THEN I call the cops.

NYC is a messed up example of gun control at work.. try mugging me when i'm in NYC and you sure as heck can bet I will knock the perp out cold.

The objection to the cops issuing tickets, is the plain fact that they arent doing their job protecting by they have enough manpower to issue tickets ?

We call that selective enforcing! btw in FL, false arrest legally can be resisted.. if I kill a cop while resisting a false arrest (not killing on purpose) I dont go to jail...

NYC has power thugs in blue uniforms.. we'd give these thugs a good lesson in FL.


ha ha you say I don't have a concept of the law why do I see here when cars are double parked or when people drive erratically people say cops are not doing their job .
psst when you double park you are breaking the vehicle and traffic LAW just like when people don't stop at a red light or a stop sign I know there have been posts here that cops don't do anything at certain signs/lights.
Guess what we are in NY not FLA
I bet that if you were to unfortunately to get mugged the first thing you would do is call 911 and want the police there right away.
"You guys are morons.. what if a black guy was assaulted "
one as assaulted a few weeks ago by a hasid what do you say about that.
don't try and tell what the responsibility of a Police officer is I'm a recently retired NYPD Officer I know what I'm talking about.


LARRY EXPOSED. He is a police officer and on the NYPD rant blog he wrote:

"I posted this on the chaptzam blog site where I got some of that info from.
let me get this right the community is demanding more police because of crime. is this the same community that assaulted and maced someone a few weeks ago and refuse to help the police. hhmmmm"


See the post at the above link.

LOL These are the police officers that are supposed to be the edifice of the law? LOL this comes to show who not to trust. This underlines the importance of us forming and improving our OWN patrols. Only we care about us and only we are willing to SACRIFICE our lives to protect our fellow jews. NO ONE ELSE! I have lots of respect for jewish vigilantes now.


ok and what is wrong with me posting on different sites did I post anything different from what I posted on here? I asked a question and no one has answered it yet I've been reading chaptzem for some time and I'm shocked at times from what I read on here. why don't you post that I yell at a lot of people on the rant for some of their stupid and asinine comments on there a lot of times or don't you read those either. I never hide under a anonymous name I say what I feel with out fear of being outed I call the shots as I see them.
have a good day all


I once empathized with the police. Where are this cities priorites when the starting pay for train conductors and sanitation workers is higher than it is for rookie police officers who put their life on the line, serving and protecting the community.

That changed after I read the comments from these wonderful officers at: http://theerant.yuku.com

These pissers are not worth spit! LOWER the pay for police officers, rookie and senior alike! Better to invest this money in our own security patrols. Send these officers to Germany or Iran where they can feel at home among their ilk.


that shxthead cop was answered like 10 times


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