Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Out of the Inbox - An open letter from a 66 Police Officer 

Sent in by a Chaptzem reader

To all the people of Boro Park it was a pleasure serving you for the past few years. Wish I could say the same for the cowardly bosses who hide behind each other when they have personal issues against the fine officers of the 66 precinct. i am a kind hearted person who thought there was more to policing than "summons performance objectives." we all know that quotas don't exist because they are illegal. And no person in this world should hate another human being because of their race. That is just stupidity. So let’s just say there are a lot of stupid idiots who abuse their authority. We as police officers are told not to abuse our authority but we continue to get abused at our workplace. Not all of them are bad. You know who you are. I bet you go home and tell your wives and children how much of a great leader you are.

Rank is something you wear, respect is something you earn. I can truly say that I am extremely disappointed in the way I have been treated at the six-six precinct. Some people should be ashamed of the way they disregard their own self pride just for a fling with a supervisor. It is a shame when you have supervisors who stand roll call and take a banana from a community donated fruit basket, toss it to an African American officer and state "let your natural instincts take over." it is a shame when a Hispanic complainant comes into the precinct and a supervisor starts to ridicule the person because he does not speak English by saying mira, mira, mucho, mucho and begins laughing. it is also a shame that when you confront these supervisors privately to express your concerns, they turn around and give you undesirable assignments the next time they see you. i believe that these supervisors are not very good examples of how a person should conduct themselves around a public building. Especially a police precinct.

And to all you supervisors who tried to jam me up while i was at the six-six precinct..... go home to your wives and apologize. Those of you supervisors who aren’t married but are having relationships with officers. Stop the fraternization. Also, if you get one of them mad enough at you... they know how to jam you up..... They work for the same job as you and know the tricks. Smarten up. It is a shame that officers bust their butts answering 911 calls to keep the community safe and it isn't appreciated by the bosses. it is a shame when an officer shows up to work, whether late or not, puts on the uniform and risks his life day in and day out for the community and he has to put up with petty nonsense because he is perceived as having a bad attitude. Who wouldn’t have a bad attitude when you are being constantly messed with by someone who hides behind their rank? It is a shame that one boss gets upset, doesn’t have the balls to discipline an officer so he sends another to deal with his problems.....to all you, and you know who you are...... you cant hide behind the gun and badge for the rest of your lives. And, if you ever see an officer after retirement......and you were abusing that officer.....like the song goes just "walk on by"......

P.S. god is watching your every move and he doesn’t like ugly.

P.S. 2 thanks for the memories.....I will keep in touch. Good luck to the PO's and the good bosses at the 66.

Boy, I wish I new the story behind this one.


im not sure what his point is


Sounds like there's material here for a book. I just wonder why he posted this here, and what the relevance is to the heimishe community...


what kind of comments does he expect the heimishe people to write?

What is the purpose of his writing?


Its a setup to see what the heimishe would write. you must be very careful how you post. e/t online is read.


your all a bunch of gulible... do you really believe a police officer wrote this poorly written letter. If indeed a police officer did write this poorly written letter, we are in trouble because this is the guy we trust to protect us!!!


It is possible that a former disgruntled cop wrote this. Their writing abilities are the same as the average high school or college grad under 40 years old. I'm certain that he was better at writing tickets than letters.


If this fellow was really a officer it is great that he retired, as he sounds like a complete moron


I am a heimishe guy. I came in recently to 66 to get a copy of a police report for an accident. The lady who helped me was very nice and I can only say good things about my few minutes there. I wonder if she is the one who's leaving? ...

btw, on the walls of the 66 break room are all the pictures of the wanted criminals. Yes, I did see one picture of a heimishe guy who's wanted for something, but for the most part all the wanted ads were only for 'goyim gemurim' ...


Its a setup to see what the heimishe would write. you must be very careful how you post. e/t online is read.

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I'm pretty sure that I know the officer who wrote that letter. You people may criticize his writing ability but believe when I say that if you had to call 911 you would want this officer to respond. This person was a great officer that treated everyone he worked with respect and would go out of his way to help people. Take it from someone that has some insight into this situation Boro Park lost a fine NYC police officer!


If he can't deal with the tough guys, well... Sounds like a loner to me.


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