Monday, June 02, 2008

CHAPTZEM EXCLUSIVE - Interview with source close to accused child molester Yona Weinberg 

Chaptzem has procured an exclusive interview with a source close to accused child molester Yona Weinberg. Yona is the twenty-nine year old Bar-Mitzvah tutor who was first accused of molesting two brothers and then later by two more kids who came forward.

According to the source, Yona does not plan to enter a plea bargain to the charges he is facing and will fight it to the end. The source further says that Yona has enlisted the help of a high powered attorney who specializes in defending accused child molesters. The case is expected to go to trial as the childrens' testimony is being seen as credible by the prosecutors. The source also relayed that once this matter is resolved, whether he is proven innocent or guilty, Yona plans to leave his profession as a Social Worker and may pursue a career in computers.

if he is indeed found guilty he should be prohibited from going into computers because once he has a computer he is connected to more kids via internet connection.


This is a case of he said he said. Yona claims he's innocent. The boys claim he did something. There is no physical evidence, so it all depends on whose lawyers make a better argument, and what kind of mood the judge is in. That's all there is to it, unless one party admits to lying.


He can't be guilty. Frum people do not do such things.


Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? and why computers... trust me he wont be happy working with computers.

Assuming he is innocent, why let judgemental people and a terrible experience ruin the rest of your life?


3:40, are you an abuser?


He is a disgusting individual that needs to have certain body parts cut off (like every single extremity) so that he can never go near a child again.



Whether he's innocent or otherwise, anyone who has a history of any kind of sex obsessions should not be on the internet in private. The taavah is too strong.


This thing about child-molestation accusations, is a new amerikaner style weapon to be used by anyone who wants to ruin or murder someone for whatever reason they have. It is freely used in divorce cases, or by boys wanting to get even with a rebbe, etc. Who has ever heard that testimony of children should have any validity. this is real and genuine chukos s'dom. I once herad a rov say, taht the Sar of America must be an idiot, because the whole government, the laws, and policies are all handled in such a way. long live Obama. thats when the fun begins. I am really afraid it is time to move on.


Boys over bar mitzvah are kosher halachic witnesses. See also moed katan 18a- Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi removed a rebbe from his post based on unsavory rumors.


Who is paying for the "high powered lawyer"? Defending a criminal case does not come cheaply, and using a name lawyer only adds to the cost. I doubt that he could afford such a lawyer on a social worker's salary.


Sadly, whatever the verdict. The ability for him to get a job can be very hard. I dont know the story but if an innocent man is called guilty for crime that he did not commit. We may have eradicated his ability to work in a decent job ever again ... because lets face it people talk....i feel sorry for the innocent....


In addition, details that we hear from media and other sources are not reliable in general... So we speculate without real facts...


No one can hide behind their race,creed,color or age when children are the victims of a crime. There are sick people out there who need help, and until they receive it do not belong in mainstream society. What is almost as frightening as the charges, is that so many others are afraid to come forward in cases like this. Not dealing with these serious problems that our society faces will only add to the crumbling morality that currently exists. Shame on any parent or individual who has information and does not have the moral decency to come forward and save others from future abuse that will scar children for life. Perhaps praying and being HONEST is the righteous course of action for all of us to take!


Please identify which court this case is in. I was not able to find it in either the Cuyahoga or Lake County court dockets.


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