Sunday, August 10, 2008

The other tragedy of Tisha B'Av 

Convicted Child Molester Yechiel Brauner was the Baal Tefilah for Eichah this year in Shul.

Sent in by a Chaptzem reader

shame on you for posting this!! yes the man has a history but on TISHA BAV you ppl did the biggest tradegy. you posted something on someone which is loshen hara and a bunch of other aveires together. one day out of the year cant you control yourselves from hurting or writing something bad about someone?


Given the level of denial everyone is living under, is this such a suprise?


Let's put this in perspective:
According to Rav Moshe Sternbuch of the Eida Chardis has publicly stated that in the case of KNOWN and PROVEN child molesters, we are obligated to hand them over to the police to be dealt with.

When we talk of Loshon Hora, let's not extrapolte it to include things that it does not. Child Molesters are the lowest form of life. They destroy the lives of their victims, their families and the vistoms families.
This is NOT like someone who eats treif, cheats on their wife, smokes on shabbos or whatever....

Let us understand that child molesters are the scum of the earth, even according to the liberal western culture that we belong to. The goyim rightly equate them to Hitlers.


In which Shul? this is disgraceful and makes me sick to my hungry stomache!


comment #1 its because of people like you that we have such a big child molistation problem


"one day out of the year cant you control yourselves from hurting or writing something bad about someone?"

One day, can't HE control himself?

Death to child molesters!


Why didn't they break his bones?
These people and those who gaurd them are those who keep Moshiach away.


can't SEE a thing
who said it's him ???????


people who post article like this is holding back moshiach from coming dont be g-ds police keep away from him


Why dont they get hold of this guy and put him over a table and give him a good 25 whacks!! so he,ll learn to control his ta,avehs??? anybody??


Horrible to see, that even on Tisha b'Av, ppl protect and even give a Kibud to such a person..it is truly the time of our churban...and HOW could he accept this 'honor', stand up there, and represent the whole shul..what are the tefillos/megillah laining of such a person worth!!
Yes, it may be an avla to say this, and maybe it is Loshon Hora..but SOMEONE has to notify the pulic of the lengths ppl will go to shelter these MAMZAIRIM..from gehenom they will NEVER get out....
I would NEVER davn in or attend a shul with such a member..and what about the kids who come to shul??Don't these ppl care about their own children???


I don't understand why this man is not currently with other inmates in a prison, where he could be exposed to the healing influences of other prisoners as even they treat child molestors.

Which frum people enabled him to avoid prison?


How do we know he didn't do Teshuva, went for therapy and became transformed?


Therapy doesn't help as much as one might think


The tragedy is that this man committed a terrible aveirah that harmed innocent children and he will have to live with and be reminded of his actions for the rest of his life. Undoubtedly, his family has lost friends because of his behavior.

There is perhaps no one in that shul who knows sorrow and despair for those he has harmed and for what he has lost than he. Do we need to continue to chase him down? The justice system has already done its job. Leave this pathetic neshama alone.


to anon Aug 11, 9:08

are you for real or just plain old stupid or bored

i do understand that out of the great kindness of your hear you are being "dan lekav zchus"

but come on lets be a bit realistic here

people dont transform from such a major sickness over night

yes i do believe that regrets what he did being that he got cought, and wishes that he never (had gotten caught) did it,

but teshuvah in the right way would of mean comming in front of the rabbonim
and the one he trangressed to
then we can start to talk about teshuvah


The people who are defending this sicko may not understand what child molesters do - maybe someone has to spell it out for them. Its not just an adult annoying children, maybe they dont realize this!


this makes my flesh crawl. I would have been screaming for him to leave or simply left myself. I would rather see a "messianic" GOY laining to jesus than this piece of gabarage fake pious child sexer up there on tisha b'av. there is only one punishment for heretics like this....


and when big baal tzedakas get out of Otisville they get the amid and She-she


this man also has a relative that abused his step daughter it runs in the family


For starters, the mishna berura starts off that every yiras shamayim should cry and concentrate on the churban bais hamikdash.Therefore the question is only a yiras shamayim has to mourn over the destruction? How about the poshit yid, he doesnt have to mourn?? So...the KOtzker Rebbe said that if someone is not a yiras shamayim he should cry from his own churban. So putting thigs in perspective, child molestation is a terrible terrible thing however if someone would have an illness you would excuse them for their sickness. So we must make sure that the child molestor is not around children yet that has nothin to do with reading eicha. What about all the rebbes and teachers that tell children "you will never amount to anyting" or "you're worthless, and verbally abuse cildren which effects them for life, are they in the respectable position of leading a congregation in eicha???Go figure.


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