Thursday, September 11, 2008

How the 'so-called' Askonim are self-destructive as well as destructive 

The new wave of Yiddishkeit seems to be the carrying-out of all tasks in the Frum community by teams of people that call themselves 'Askonim'. There have always been people that have generously donated their time for the betterment of the Klal, except they were never called Askonim. Today it is almost as if the word Askonim has become synonymous with the word terrorists - people that carry out tasks using any means necessary to push an agenda, usually with the belief that it is religious.

In the latest terror act carried out by the terror-Askonim against the anti-molester team (why anybody would be for the molesters is still a mystery), it seems like they have not realized it, but they are actually shooting themselves in the foot - again. By threatening, breaking and trying to stop the system of the molesters being dealt with by Frum insiders they are exhibiting a loud confirmation that our internal system of dealing with problems no longer works and that government intervention is necessary. Compounded by the violence and threats that they are perpetrating against officials and professionals, arrests and criminal charges are an inevitability.

So molesters and abusers beware, thanks to the 'so-called' Askonim you will be finding yourselves in jail very soon. the judicial system does not take kindly to people with beards that touch little kids and they really don't care much about keeping your name quiet for the sake of your kids' shidduchim. Enjoy your freedom and your Mizrach-vant seats while you still can.

Chaptzem, you said it. Its a sick world and I remember in Yeshivah how I suspected a Rabbi of molesting kids but didn't say anything because I was young and scared. 8 Years later this Rabbi was publicly accused in Monsey Rabbi Ad... that he molested children. I don't even think he sat in jail because of all the backup he had from the school. What a Shame!


form the jewish week to the new york post and the daily news...these disgusting menuvalim cooked their own goose and are making it even worse.
now the whole world will know


Cant wait till the first one is arrested and put in Rikers. Hopefully he will get his fare share of being molested by the other criminals there.


I am smugly watching this heinous disaster unfold. Those of us who advocate on behalf of children can't wait for those who harbored these sick animals to be publicly revealed as every one of these Bas----s should be. This is of course in addition to the printing of the names of the abusers.


That Rabbi from Monsey was publicly accused? (If I recall correctly, he had red hair)? I had a friend who was abused by him as a kid and had no idea what to do. When I grew up and realized what had happened I called my friend and he didnt know if anything was ever done. I had never heard that he was accused. If he was, I know it to be true since as a kid my friend was telling me the whole sick story which I could share, but it would make you sick.


its incredible, just wait as you all said the time will come and goverment will be the next one in line to take care of these low lives...

and mark my words the first people to be arested for this will be non other then the guys themselves who made the threats to those who tried to stop them, and all those who crossed the street everytime rabbi twersky walked by...

so sad, so sick, so bad, i feel for these inosint kids wo have no one to turn too


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