Saturday, October 18, 2008

Help keep convicted child molester Yechiel Brauner from molesting children this Simchas Torah 

Yechiel (Jerry) Brauner

We are currently working with various community leaders to make sure that convicted child molester Yechiel Brauner does not spend this Simchas Torah dancing with children as he does every year. This vile being portrays himself to be an ehrliche person who is being mesameach with the Torah, while in reality he is using the dancing that takes place as a way of getting close to children and groping them. We are hoping to put a stop to his tricks this year and to make sure that he is not anywhere near vulnerable innocent Yiddishe knider. We are the adults, it is our job to protect every single child so that they can dance this Yom Tov unscathed from this predator.

In order to help move things along with this specific situation and help form a clearer picture of this dire situation that we can present to the Shuls that he makes his rounds to, we are asking anyone who has been molested by Yechiel Brauner to please anonymously post a comment stating where the molestation took place and approximately when. You do not have to give any identifying details, only an approximate date, place and brief description of what transpired.

We cannot understand the horrific suffering that you are going through and wish we could help assuage your pain. If you can help save one innocent soul from experiencing the same, then your suffering will have not been in vain. Please help us help others.

If you do not want your comment published please let us know.

Is there any connection to the bakery by that name?


I think the blogger is better off asking everyone who hasn't been groped or violated by this vomit stain to post a comment.

If everyone who has been violated by him posts, this site would come crashing down.

P.S. It's because of pigs like him and the jerks that defend him that a holocaust happened to us.




The bakery is owned by his father and Jerry is an employee there.

Here is the source of this information: http://theawarenesscenter.org/Brauner_Jerry.html


Does he work or live in Monsey??


How can any shul let him in?

If he comes to your shul, give him a swift kick to the b@lls and throw him the hell out!


Yechiel, what a shame, 42 years later and you are still at it?


I was mollested by a chassidic rabbi in Bensonhusrt two years ago!!


when i was a bochur, maybe 13 - 14, i went to daven maariv in the shul around the corner from shomer shabos (was it toras yisroel??). while i was standing and waiting for a minyan, the aforementioned individual walks by. I couldn't understand why this elderly man, white beard and all, is leaning on me and wrestling his fist into my groin region.
i cant believe he's still around.



Where does he daven?


how does anyone know this is true stop the motzi shem ra once and for all the motzi shem ra and sinas chiman is why the holocost happend anon 10:14 all these stories are bull


Anonymous : October 19, 2008 7:36 PM

The above poster must Be Jerry Brauner himself.


Are you a Navi that you know why the holocaust happened?


Jerry Brauner is no longer a worker at the bakery and has not been so for a number of years.

This individual is a very sick person, and needs to be placed under severe therapy.

His modus operande is that he walks by you in a tight spot, and will try to grab your genital area through your clothing, and then continue walking as if it was a mistake. It is as if he cannot control himself. How he is still walking the streets of Boro Park is beyond me.


hey people,he may be a sex offender but,he bakes a mean challah.he must have raging hormones,


leave brauner alone. he is a pussycat compared to "Dr", Mondrowitz. Mondrowitz is king.


It started when i was 13 and lasted all the way till the age of 18.All thes years i went through immense suffering that words cannot describe.It all stated when i was davining in shomer shabbis he started by just sliding his hands on ,i dint't know what he want i was shy and i didn't ressist,then he sat down next to me i did not suspect anything when suddenly i felt i hand rested on my thigh i was shy i thought this is a mistake,after all i didn't know that this thing exists.then in the middle he got mafter so he stood up finished his mafter,i thought it's over when again he sat down next to me this time going straight to my private area.i was shocked i stood up and started running away so he walked after me and again put his hands on me talking to me in a seductive manner that really took me over,since then my i found myself in a bitter strugle with these feelings taking me over,i once went to the bathroom in shomer shabbis when he saw me and went right after me and began rubbing me,he asked to go out with and have fun in such a seductive way i felt lost thank g-d i dind't go that far something deep in me held me back.It just stayed in me and i was littarly a VEGATABLE i closed up anyway that for keeping this pig around my most presious years was waisted in vain.


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