Friday, October 31, 2008

Help Yalda magazine win $100,000 

Sent in by a Chaptzem reader

There is a 17 year old frum girl from Sharon , Mass. who is one of 5 runner ups for a Wells Fargo contest.

She created and is the editor of Yalda, a magazine for frum girls.

Whoever wins the contest will get $100,000 to spend on their project.

The finalist with the most votes wins!! THE CONTEST IS OVER NOV. 10th!!!!

She is in a very tight race with one other finalist.

We should all try to help her win this money

1) Click on the link. This girl is named Leah, though it is under her Mother's name, Evelyn. (possibly because Leah is 17?)

2) You have to create your own made up Username that is not yet used by someone else. (Don't be surprised to see that the typical Jewish names are taken, Yaakov, Sora...etc..just make up a name)

3) You also have to create your own password.

4) Your e-mail address HAS to be a real one, though we did not see any problem with that, as they do not ask you to buy anything, or join anything, or try free offers etc.

5) You are allowed one vote per e-mail address.

6) After you have signed in, you then click the name Evelyn from Mass. to view her story, and vote for her.

7) They also want you to vote for a "cause", and they explain them as well, if one is interested....


Below is the link!


Let's hope she wins!! Thanks everyone!!!

come on everyone! She is an amazing girl- its so easy to vote! She is really almost close to getting the money- she is less than 300 votes off out of over 12000 votes! its so easy to vote and it takes less than a minute!!!!!!!!Please!!


Everyone e-mail this article (or the link) to your entire e-mail list, we need to help Yaldah YOU can help Yaldah Magazine, YOU cam make the difference by even 1 vote, so send this to everybody you know & please vote.


She is adorable. I hope she wins!


this story touched me. i actually did exactly that - registered, logged in, voted for her.
hope she really wins but if gd forbid she doesn't, at least i'll never blame myself...
good luck!!!!


She is currently in the lead by over 500 votes.


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