Friday, November 14, 2008


Will prayer help deliver world markets? If around 2,500 Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel have anything to say about it, hope may be on the way.

Concerned about the health of the global economy, Jews in 11 major seminaries across Israel prayed Thursday night for a fast resolution to the world’s financial crisis – and for Jews who contribute to Israel’s cash-strapped yeshivas.

The religious schools rely heavily on donations from American philanthropists, and consequently, the seminaries have started feeling the pinch from the crash of world markets and the weakening of the U.S. dollar.


Maybe start working?!?!?


I hope they are praying for
jobs..... but I think not.
They must be really scared
that the gravy train is
empty and running on empty.


my evening phone calls for money-has dropped from 2 a night to 20 . i tell them i can right now-its hard for me -but they mail me my envelope anyway that i contributed $36 anyway-im sure this happens to everyone-its ashame these tzedakas sell there mailing lists to each other ,And you cant go to a wedding without at least 20 people asking me for money- forget about enjoying your meal. or how about the tzedakah car pool to all the shuls in the morning-GO GET A JOB!!


anonymous,you are so right. i couldnt have said it better. tzedakah here in america became institutionalized,just like a corporation.Its a sham. can you imagine the CHUTZPAH selling LISTS of donors? Who the hell gives the right of one organization who i donated money to,to sell my name to another organization? waht nerve. they make suckers out of us. its like in shul,you give a collector some money,and all of a sudden,you have 5 other collectors jumping at you wuth their hands out,just like vultures. Ther is something very wrong in this picture and it stinks.its a regular business like anything else. imagine,taking car service on a daily basis,and going to the shuls,just like on a route.


We are witnessing a world-wide economic coup-de-tat. All of the financial crisis in recent years has been intentionally conjured by new world order type billionaires and corrupt politicians. Through economic crisis comes consolidation of financial entities and through consolidation comes control by a few. America has intentionally cast other countries into economic crisis in the past through excessive high risk debt with a goal of exerting political leverage. Now some entity is using the same play book against America's financial infrastructure. The winds of "Change" are upon us. The "World" economy is being controlled with arrogant transparency.


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