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CHAPTZEM EXCLUSIVE - Reply from Shauly Grossman, singer of the megahit 'Eech Vill Zain A Rebbe' 

Hi guys.

This is Shauly Grossman. I'm not about to run after everyone I know and explain myself, but I can't hold myself back here. I made this song together with other similar songs (on Goyish tunes) for fun more than a year ago. I never dreamed that anybody but my few friends will hear it and if I would have known that a year later I'm gonna find it on the net, just like you, with no clue how and who, I wouldn't have made it. At least I would have made it a drop more professional.
Anyways, I'm sorry if I offended anybody. It was meant for my own private fun.

I am a Tzanzer Chussid and really look up to him, but I can't help but agree with the guy that said "if they want our respect, they should earn it". As my family found out the hard way, most of the BIG Rabbonim, especially the big ones by whom you are nothing but another piece of meat, (at least the small ones try their best to be there for their people, they need them) are good for telling you that you need to do the right thing and Hashem will help. They were there to tell us that. But when it came to real life, when you really need their help, you can talk to the wall. If you want them to do anything but talk, you are alone.

Good job! Loved the clip, posted it by me.


The song was great, you have a very big zechus of making yidden happy in troubling times, don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. Keep it up and let's hear the rest of them.


a few little questions...

1) So when you ask someone a favour and they dont give it to you then you go out and mske fun of him?

2) Do you know that each of those rebbes have real holy fathers and grandfathers and thats the main reason why people go to them (look in rashi this week about tfilas ben tzadik)

3) Do you know that your kind of talk - bashing chasidus frankly - is around for 200 years and look how chasidus with torah, shuls, mosdos, tishen all survived dosent it say something.

4) what would you rather like for a bucher who dont want to learn to be debating instead of chaslidus and rebbes. I think its all just great

5) now if YOU wanna be a rebbe why not get to work on it.

6) your tshuvas hamishkol should be to produce a video "I wanna be a Chusid" showing all the excitment of chasidim with their rebbes. big and small.

Yours: The Golem fin Prag


Sholy! Nothing to be ashamed of. You did describe the matzav very well and its time we realize that our connection to God does NOT have to come through a man who only weighs more than us

Also BTW, the concept, and the lyrics are totally creative. You are great and I wish you the best


I do sympathize with you, that this song made it onto the net. I sympathize with you even more, for the teshuva you have to do now, how many impressionable young boys you have given "sechoira" to, to make fun of our holy Rebbes. I am no fool, and there are unscrupulous Rebbes as there are people from every walk of life that are dishonest, or immoral. But what lies on your "Pleitzis" makes me feel VERY sorry for you. You can apologize to Chaptzem readers, you owe an apology to EVERY Rebbe whose picture you posted with this disrespectful song. Good Luck rectifying this "FUN".


At first wasnt sure what to make of this song...but i agree on the point that most people follow these leaders like a bunch of sheep,but on the other hand people like to believe in someone who they think is greater than themselves and put all their faith in these rabbis.and finally where can i see more of this guys stuff? hes definitely creative and that should not be stifled.good luck


you have nothing to be ashamed of cause they are a bunch of hypocrites. when someone is in the way they have hooligans that hit scream & hit other yidden is that what chassidus is ?.because your father was a tzadik does not mean you are


I personally thought it was great fun. And I know exactly what you mean when you say that "But when it came to real life, when you really need their help, you can talk to the wall."


Let me try to a different point of view.

There are good and caring rabbonim out there. There are also some that only care about themselves. The same goes for Chadorim and Yeshivas.
The way i see it is: wether they are serious or noT, this song travelled faster then a fire on a dry day in a california desert. The reason being is that it is the perception of the people that the rabbonim are all about themselves. It is therfore important that they start working on more transparancy. Let everybody no why and how they think. At least there will be an explanation on what they do.


First of all shauly, i must tell you that I admire your talent and art, the song is beautiful and true to the word although there are some rebbes that are special people most of them aren't including mine.you have nothing to be ashamed of, maybe the person that publicized it does.

To the third poster:

1)where does rashi say that a tfilas plain person or a tefilas rasha that happens to be the son of a tzadik is anything more than a regular persons tefilos? to the contrary, because his father was a tzadik and he didnt learn from him he deserves harsher judgement than other people.

2)chasidus and tishen survived but the phenomenon of erliche rebbes unfortunately is dying out.




love love the clip why was it removed?


Sorry to burst some peoples bubble: This applies to ALL of the Religious groups of Klal Yisroel, not just Chassidim. We are living in a Dor where the leadership is by general rule - PATHETIC.

Most of our leaders only got the job because of their Yichus, not by their own prowess. They spend all their time worrying about what the Gvirim in town think of them...

I remember growing up as a kid learning about Robbonim, Rebbes etc... who would run away and hide from the responsibility of leadership. Others who would tell people to go to a brother, uncle or other who they felt was a more suitable candidate for leader.

HOW MANY LEADERS now-a-days follow this mantra. Instead we see them going to Secular courts to fight for their rights to the Koved and money. We see yeshivas and Kollelim where yungerliet are beating each other up. We see cases of Kollels kicking out yungerleit and supressing others for supporting the previous Rosh Hakollel or the 'other' rosh Hakollel.

Wake up - many of the problems of the community stem from rotten leadership. They preach one thing and then support another (particularly if money is involved) The number of cases that are known, grow daily.

If people had leaders who were REAL to look up to, they wouldn't feel the NEED to look elsewhere for guidence as to how to live their lives in todays society


Mr. Grossman you should be ashamed of yourself.
all of these רבנים are תלמידי חכמים and have many 100's or 1000's of followers. in one way or the other they have a influence on them for the good. Yes there are problems and bad apples but the idea is good. they are our leader.

what's the point of making fun of al these רבנים
do you know that this is the exact ליצנות that the גמרא says such strong words against it.
I am not a close minded indvidual, I do see these רבנים living a life as you describe it. but remember פני הדור כפני הכלב. we are not better. atleast they are עוסק בתורה much more than we are and do מצות ומעשים טובים that you can not take away from them. some רבנים in your clip are גאוני עולם
this video clip is a shame !


first of all thank you for the blog owner for making my response into a seprate post! im honored!
i'm sorry that im butting in on the coversation. its going very well and i dont want to stop it, and i definitly dont think i could convince anyone in seeing the world as i do.
i just have to clear up somthing.
i did NOT make this movie clip. nor did i put out the song for people to hear it. i made the SONG more then a year ago privately and i have no clue how and who got a hold of it and why he gave it to everybody without my permission.
thanx everyone for thier support, and sorry to anyone that got offended.


I think you should immediately change all your passwords, report all your cards as stolen, and maybe apply for a new social. I really can’t think of any reasonable explanation other than a few Chinese hackers making their way into your hard drive. I feel your pain and deeply sympathize with you over this security breach. However, I believe you should focus on the silver lining. After all, you got your message across with a beautiful song, and managed to debut in the Chassidic world of music.


To Post 5:24pm

Are u kidding me. according to your logic, Hiler and Stalin had millions of followers - > perhaps we should have no problem with what they said or did. They are the leaders and the people need to follow the leaders.

Perhaps, a little closer to home. shabstai Tzvi and Frank were both FRUM leaders 'Gedolai Yisroel' of their day. Yes, it's true -> but when they started going down the wrong path people became upset and left them.
HOWEVER -> Unfortunately, many didn't and ended up doing very sad things on behalf of their 'leader'.

Wake up. Being a Rov, Rebbe, Rosh Yeshiva is a HARD job and these people need to be on top of their game daily, just like lives, neshomas are at stake. But when you see the Narishkite that many represent. Those that are involved in illegal business dealings, those that subdue others who are seen as threats to their power, those involved in back room dealings etc.... It's easily understood why people make fun of them!!!
Yes, past generations also had this issue to contend with, but now-a-days it's much worse because the media is so powerful and the people are far more educated. Information is freely available



You did nothing to be ashamed of.

Unfortunately there are people in our community who have no sense of humor. For them, every day of the year ought to be Tisha B'Av.

These same people would have condemned your video even had it been presented as a Purim spiel.

On a larger scale, sometimes satire can be a useful tool to inspire self-examination.

For those who are so serious here, think about this--Rebbe Akiva did not ride in a motor home or get charged with money laundering.



thats all the outcome of the hatefull blogs,

remember without a REbbi or Moreh Derech Your son will be closer to a goy then a jew.


I'm a "bnon shel kedoshim", and I thought it was great! So did every other intelligent Jew I spoke with.
So, by the power vested in me by my heilige zeides, I absolve you totally from any bad vibes, and wish you a very happy and profitable career!
Yossi G.


Wether you made it for public or private,the fact that you can do something like this just shows that you have alot of rage and anger in you to work on.
So as I understand from you there are no other rebbis other then the Tzanzer rebbi ??
And the the Tzanzer Rebbi does not have a nice car and all that the other Rebbis have ??
And the proof is in you, If being a chosid of the Tzanzer rebbi could creat a self hating jew like you then what is your rebbi worth, and what type of respect do you give him as his chosid ? would he defend you on doing something like this?
Is this what he taught you in his Yeshiveh?
May you blessed by hashem that you should only see good around you.
And you should have the zechus that all the hurt and shame that you have shamed and hurt those people should have a open heart to forgive you so that you and your family and your kids should not carry this burden in this life time and for sure not in the Oilom Haboo in the Oilom Hoemes.


Shaulie Dear -
My heart brakes for you! I agree with one of the comments here. . . You are filled with RAGE and ANGER on Rebbas and the Chassidisha community at large! Only someone who has been deeply hurt can write a song like this, sing it, compose it and air it. I think it's a good thing that it was published - maybe this way (after reading all the comments) you will realize that you need help! PAIN IS THE GREATEST MOTIVATOR FOR CHANGE!! You need healing! It is evident in all your lyrics! I hope you get it real soon - way before your wife and kids start experiencing the actions of your pent up rage and resentment!
It's a shame that you haven't met a rebba that would automatically cause you to delete this song from your memory. . .
I have.
And all I can say is ASHREINU . . .for myself!
I wish for you too to find someone who with his love and deep caring would automatically change your opinions.
I agree with you that there are "rebbas" that should never be. . . and that is very sad! But there are some select few who inspire and teach and care and feel . . .
I hope you meet one real soon and let your healing begin. You are too young to have to live with this cancerous rage inside you! Get help my dear - you deserve it!
No matter what the pain, what the reason, LOVE IS THE ONLY HOME BIG ENOUGH FOR ALL THE PAIN IN THE WORLD!
Find yourself someone (a rebba?) who can teach you about Ahavas Yisroel, Ahavas Hashem . . .
Your too young!
It's a CHAVAL - to let such a talented, capable young man like yourself go to waist and be eaten up by your own rage and hatred inside yourself.
Lots of Hatzlacha to you. . .
I send you a heart filled with love and caring and wish you a refuah shleima . . . emotionally and psychologically.
Rachel H.


oh come on guys! give him a break! im sure that every artist has a lot of stuff he would'nt show to the street. does that mean they are sycko for making them? thats why they are artist, they express themselves.
and to rachel and the blogger before, he said the same things you are saying! that there are alot of rabbonim who shouldnt be out there but that dosent mean there are no good ones, he is a chussid of one too.
thats what i understood from his words.


i think its amaizing
and im yuor number1 fan


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