Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dumb and dumber endangering lives in Boro-Park 

Story sent in by a Chaptzem reader

As if FDNY ambulances weren't slow enough already. An FDNY ambulance was rushing with lights and sirens to a call in Boro-Park, the driver encountered a double-parked car and came to a complete stop. The driver, with plenty of room on both sides, refused to pass the double-parked car. Even when motorists offered to guide the ambulance driver through, she refused to follow their directions, but rather called NYPD and sat and waited. About fifteen minutes later once the Cops showed and ticketed the double-parked vehicle, the ambulance driver then proceeded to pass under the close direction of a Police Officer. Typical NYC behavior on all counts.

I think the inconsiderate fool that double parked is the one that is "Dumb and Dumber".
I am not saying that the ambulance driver is correct how she went about it.
But, why is it that every time I am in Borough Park there are always cars that are double parked, illegally parked, blocking driveways/hydrants/bus stops, etc... and when the cops ticket them they kick and scream???
Yes, ticket agents do write some bogus tickets, but in the case where your 100% wrong, take the punishment and learn from it.
Learn your lesson once and for all instead of the attitude, I am holier than thou.


I understand the frustration of the Ambulance Driver. Instead of guiding around your double parked car......MOVE THE DAMN THING!!! If an ambulance is late to arrive because of an obnoxious Boro Parker and someone dies as a result....I hope the Double Parker gets tried for the death in court!!


They always show up 15 minutes after Hatzalah already left the scene. I mean what do they care they get paid by the hour.?.


I find it hard to believe.

But I've seen Hatzolah ambulances delayed in Boro Park by double parkers. There is no way fire equiptment can get through a double parked street.

Boro Park double parkers endager lives. I'm for 100% enforcement of all parking laws even in Boro Park.


Only call hazolah.


Whats more surpising a double parked car in boro park -or a city worker who trully doesnt care?


she prob did notify her dispatcher that she was "blocked in" and they may have sent a different unit to the call so you dont know that she was endangering anyone. and there are plenty of times that because of illegally parked cars, city and even Hatzolah ambulances, are blocked in.


the double parked car should not have been there. it is wrong, illegal and dangerous. kudos and BH the ambulance waited. maybe now the idiot who double parked will think twice before doing it again. only in a place called boro- double park can people drive without obeying any rules.


When I found some tzadik blocking my driver NEVER do I even get an apology.

Which part of "dinei d'malchusa k'dina" allows violating the laws against blocking driveways and double parking?

Another chilul hashem!


The criteria is not "was the ambulance driver justified?" or "is it okay to double-park", it's "Does the constant double-parking seen in Boro Park create a chilul Hashem?"

The ambulance driver may have been totally wrong, but that should not be the issue. Violating even a minor law creates an opening for chilul Hashem, and the fact that the parking is one of the most famous features of Boro Park indicates that something is wrong.
Yossi Ginzberg


I look at this in a different way.
If a FDNY ambulance driver scratches a double parked car he gets hell from his conditions boss (supervisor)he gets a warning in writing and if it happens a second time within 6 months he gets suspended for 30 days.
There are many times when FDNY drivers believe that there is enough space to pass by and they end up scratching the cars.
There is a possibility that this driver was recently involved in such an MVA and his job is in danger so he has the full right to be over protective.
In regards to delayed patient care, when an ambulance is delayed due to any kind of traffic he sends an electronic message to his dispatcher notifying of the situation and a close by engine truck with EMT's is immediately dispatched as first responders to treat the pt. until the ambulance arrives.
How come you are not criticizing the drivers who double park and in some cases they don't leave enough place for an ambulance to pass by. This happened in Wiliamsburg on Chol Hamoad Sukkoss when somebody double parked in front of a shul and Hatzalah ambulance couldn't pass by, it took a long time for the ambulance to back out due to the cars which piled up behind the ambulance.
Before criticizing, think that it might be another side to the story.


I look at this in a different way.

good point.




This is exactly why I moved out of Boro Park - far, far away.


double parking is wrong but as a ex-boro parker you must realize that its not out of arogants but its really tough to live there i live now upstate and its mamesh amechaya i dont have to worry about traffic hunking parking noda i have my own big driveway and there is parking anywhere i go i love it and when i think back how hard it was in bp i feel bad for them now again that guy is wrong but its east to talk when you dont have to worry about all this but ppl every day over there have it really hard plus its really double standing because most people run in for a minute after circling 10 times and sometimes even trying a few blocks away for a spot so dont judge them like that from your suburban life styles cause if u would live there after a while you will have no choice but do the same.


well most of boro parkers that double park are lady drivers and men with their cell phone to their ears and not using their headset.


One erev Shabbos I was boxed into my parking space, by a double-parked car, in a neighborhood whose identity will not now be mentioned.

I opened my trunk, in which there happened to have been a sledgehammer. I took the sledgehammer, climbed on top of the car that was blocking me in, and stood on the roof of the car with the hammer held above my head, ready to come down through the windshield.

A crowd gathered, and in less than 60 seconds the driver was led out of the bakery a few doors down. She was indignant, but the crowd was mostly supporting me, egging me on to smash the windshield.

The driver threatened to call the police. I told her to go ahead, and that they would give her a ticket for double parking. She threatened to sue me. I told her that I would countersue her for false imprisonment.

I told her that I was coming off her car, but that if she didn't unblock me from my parking space then all of her windows would be smashed.

She moved the car. Most of the crowd applauded me.


Why are people such masochists to live in this stressed out, energy-draining neighborhood?


Because Boro Park is a sick place to live in,and even sicker place to drive. I drive a truck in boro park,and the things I see,are unbellievable. NOWHERE, NOWHERE in the city including manhattan,do you see the kind of sick,driving that you see in shnorrer park. My kids live in Monsey now,and they hate coming to boro park. try going down 47 st on a monday morning at 10 am,when there is alternate side parking,the whole stinking block double parks. ir regardless if i am blocked in,I cannot get out of my spot,until 11 am. Even if all hell comes loose. the retards just double park in front of your car,and walk away until 11 am.Of course they dont have the courtesy,or brains to leave a note on your windshield,with their cell phone number,in you want to leave,or go somewhere. And then there are the Hatzolah drivers,who abuse their their sirens,because they want to get ahead of you,or have no patience at the laits. they sound that YELP sound,a couple of times when they are behind you(not on a call,just normal driving)The last time the guy did that I almost got into a fist fight with the guy. The Chutzpa,abusing that stinking siren just to get to the next block,because he doesnt have the menchlichkeit to wait behind everyone else. Or,how about the time this other idiot on 54th st comes backing out of his drive at 70 miles per hour,hits my car in the front panel,and asks me nu,what were you doing in my way? i said RETARD,when you come flying out of a driveway,youre are supposed to LOOK before backing out,to make sure no cars are coming in the street. In short,driving in boro park is the biggest chilul hashem,and everyone knows it. its just out of control! its sheer madness! to the guy with the hammer,you should of broken the windows,these people deserve everything,coming to them. its sheer RISSHUS.P.S. i moved to Flatbush(with the bessere mentchen)where we dont experience this animalistic practice.


Baruch Hashem for HATZALAH!!! They would have mangaed ..... it's still wrong to double park for sure... but all teh other ambulance companies are not as quick, caring, sensitive to the callers in need of help...

That's probably why hatzalah was formed... people would have to wait for x amount of minutes or even an hour to get urgent help R"L.

thank you Hatzalah for servig our community! May Hakadosh Baruch Hu reward all the dedicated volunteers with all the brachos they truly deserve!!! And may all of klal yisrael never have to call Hatzalah!!!! Amen!!


November 19, 2008 5:28 PM please stay in flatbush where i have met lots of disgusting people too the way you talk i think you are one of them.


to anon 5:28 pm,i agree with you 100%


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