Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Elderly gentleman doing his hishtadlus in Williamsburg 

Picture sent in by JoeFlix.blogspot.com exclusively online for Chaptzem

ve'heishiv leiv avos al ha'bonim


V'yhu Choshech Afeilah B'chol Eretz

Shemos 10, 22


The guy voted for Bama. Social Security, Medicaid, you know?


This comment is directed to joeflix: I'm sure you meant to say Medicare, not Medicaid. They are 2 different health insurance systems. Medicare goes hand in hand with Social Security and Medicaid is health insurance for the poor. So Mr. joeflix, next time you have another snide comment to make about our elderly citizens at least make sure that said snide comment at the very least makes sense.


The sign said "Voting Left" so he did.


From everything I heard the voter turnout in Williamsburg and Boro Park was abysmal even among the minority of Yiddin who are registered. There is no excuse for not registering and voting.


I heard that as well. It's disgusting. Considering the large percentage of residents in those neighborhoods the attitude towards this government is disgraceful. At least show some Hakaras Hatov to a government which has its citizens vote its leaders into office, unlike our European parents and grandparents' experience.


no doubt voting for the shvartz just because hes a democrat


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