Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hasidic hospital visitor accused of molesting elderly patient 

A 27-year-old man was busted Wednesday night on charges of sneaking into a Manhattan hospital room and molesting a 72-year-old patient, police sources said.

A nurse came into the victim's room to find Yakov Kramer allegedly standing over the elderly man's bed at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia yesterday, sources said.

Kramer had allegedly pulled up the victim's hospital gown and was fondling him, sources said.

The elderly victim, though frail, was able to describe the alleged assault, sources said. The horrified nurse called hospital security, who grabbed Kramer about 12:15 p.m., sources said.

"The whole story is wrong and stupid," said a woman who answered the phone at the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, home of Kramer's father, Jeremias Kramer.

"He is a student, a studious person," the woman said. "He was in the hospital with his wife. She had an appointment. Something is very wrong if someone could be arrested at a hospital. This is a stupid, stupid mistake."

Kramer, a Hasidic Jew from Spring Valley, Rockland County, was arrested about 9 p.m. and taken out of the hospital in handcuffs for processing at the 33rd Precinct stationhouse in Washington Heights.

Charges were pending Wednesday night.

Though the alleged assault was discovered about noon, hospital staff waited more than three hours to notify police, hospital security sources said.

"The allegations are disgusting, preying on an elderly person, a sick patient who couldn't fight back," a police source said.

The cloth Kramer allegedly used to clean up the evidence was seized by the NYPD for testing, sources said.

"He didn't know the victim - it looks like he just wandered into a room and took advantage," another police source said.

Kramer's father and relatives declined to comment as they waited at the stationhouse.


what comment can someone write-i really hope its not true. it seems every day the stories get worse and worse. its depressing already


He is creepy looking. I don't know if this is true or not. That's for the court to decide.


this is one of the biggest chilull hashems in a long time i went to daily news.com and the amount of goishe hate shown towards the jews was amazing, now you know why they all hate us


Lucky for the old man that he is not a mohel!


i like chasidim but they have to realize that they are producing a lot of very sick perverts. the rebbes should do something but they won't and stories like this will continue. let the filthy perv sit in prison for a long time and set an example to the rest of the satmer.


why satmar??? why not... let it be satmar


the whole story is a bluff some boDy in the room was screaming for help and this guy just came in to help out and that when the nurse came in to the room THIS GUY DOSENT KNOW WHAT SEX MEANS EVEN


Anonymous, November 14, 2008 2:15 PM:

Have you lost your mind?

Do you think a criminal complaint is based ONLY on seeing someone in another's room?

Get real!


If the cloth produces DNA evidence, as disgusting as that sounds, this guy's goose is cooked.
His parents are in denial-land and probably know this is not the first instance of anti-social behavior on his part.


I am just so disappointed that people are jumping to conclusions. Don't you know that you are supposed to dan lkaf zchut? I am sure that he was only trying to adjust the tefillin and forgot which part of the body they are on.


this give new meaning to Bikur Cholim.


you have got to be crazy if you say that he dosen't know what sex means, they caught him touching the guy!!!!


he is not a mohel,just practicing to be one. OR is this a FULL body massage? and on a 72 year old? Ugggh! couldnt he find someone younger? what is happening here? williamsburg in the 1960's and 70's was not as crazy as today. what am i missing out on?


you say he doesnt know what sex is he was a the hospital with his wife they have 2 kids with a third on the way so????


my question is why he got such high bail $50.000 is alot and cash olny no bond



$50.000 is rather low for
a sex crime. He is lucky that
he has any bail at all.
Hope he also has a GPS ankle
tracking tag.
By history most sex crimes
criminals are not caught
on the first act. Also, a
DA may want to use the
hate crime stature.
It is reported that Mr.Kramer
first asked if the victim
was Jewish prior to the
assault. The man stated he
answered no he was not.


The story is a bilbul


Don't believe everything you read in the papers. If YOUR son stood accused would you be quick to condemn? The court will now have to listen to both sides of the story


They did not catch him doing anything, He was in the hallway when the elderly man asked for help, and he came & helped him & continued with his wife to their appointment. When he was about to leave the hospital, he realized that he forgot a Sefer & figured he must have left it in the room, so he went back to the room & the nurse who was there then asked why he was here & the elderly said something about him & the nurse called security who took him to the basement for three hours to interrogate him (disgusting) & then called the cops. It’s either the elderly who is a Jew hater & took the opportunity to make something up. I know these people, they are the finest. It’s a sad story. An old time Bilbul.


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