Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hikind says; "IT STOPS HERE. IT STOPS NOW." 

Sent in by Assemblyman Dov Hikind's office

There was a time when ignorance was blissful for me, when I did not see the parents whose shoulders were stooped from the weight of the suffering their son endured at the hands of a teacher. I did not see the grandfather who shudders for his teenage grandson who is being stalked by two men, scions of noble families, who want to continue to use him as their sexual plaything. I did not see the young woman who was repeatedly violated in shul by one of the gabboim when she was seven years old. I did not see when at thirteen she tried to obliterate her pain with drugs.

But ignorance is the refuge of the molestor. The clinicians are clear on this: Molestors who are not caught cannot control their urges, their sick need for children, and will destroy the lives of as many as 100 children.

Who will speak for the victims? Who will provide the balm for their interminable suffering? Will you? Will anyone stand up? I will messenger them my files, and they can collate, file and label the atrocities visited on our children. I will stand down….if someone takes the lead….I won’t speak about sexual abuse in our communities on my radio show. You take over. You deal with it in an effective way. I offered this proposal to a prominent head of a well known organization; he didn’t jump at the chance. There are no takers. And so I am left fending for the myriad victims, whom I continue to urge to come forward and call my office at 718-853-9616 and talk to me in the strictest confidence.

The work is laborious and exhausting, but I am committed to making a serious difference in the psychological landscape of sexual abuse in our communities. We are preparing dossiers to take to leading rabbis to brief them on the status of victims and molestors, to create a protective protocol for our children. I have formed a sexual abuse task force, with clinical specialists in the field to create new procedural imperatives.

The full article appears in this week's Jewish Press

I appreciate all of Hikind's efforts and I hope he continues.

What worries me, however, is his lack of professional qualifictions in dealing with the vicitims of abuse.

I'm not just speaking of college degrees. Even the detectives of the NYPD Special Victims Unit have an extensive training course in how to deal with victims of rape, abuse and other sex crimes since an interview itself, if not handled properly, can lead to more trauma.

What have you learned, Dov? Who trained you?

Keep up the good work, but take care in how you do it.


Dov keep up the great work you are doing in the community and ignore the rabbonim who are trying to stop you


Dov I believe the community stands with you. You have undetaken a very difficult task. I disagree with the blogger that investigators may have better training to deal with this. Remember that lawyers and and investigators have a very different motive in dealing with this. they are more concerned in putting someone behind bars and recovering money then dealing with this affected. These things are handled best by the community, of course when they are actually taken care of.


Dov, we admire your strength and conviction, and we know you will continue as long as we need you. You are a fighter! Keep up the fight. We are backing you and thanking you from the bottom of our hearts.


dov keep up your great work! We need Hashem to give people like you siyata dishmaya to make our community safer!

chazak chazak!! don't give up! Hatzlacha!


During a case conference in State Supreme Court about a subpoena given to Mr. Hikind, the District Attorney's office informed the sitting judge that they had interviewed Mr. Hikind in early December who admitted to them that he does not have a list of victims or alleged child molesters. This information can be verified by calling the Sex Crimes Unit at the District Attorney's Office.


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