Friday, November 07, 2008

Holy Cow! Milk is even more Skware! 


if its more "square"-its more kosher obviously!!-so that means it cost 10% more-Well worth the money to be
"Super Cholov Israel"


Chaptzem, you have to start explaining your pictures with some info! All I see is two pictures of milk bottles that look alike....


This is likely a move my the creditor saddled owner to continue doing business.


Can someone explain this new label to me? Does it mean this milk will now last for more than 24 hours in your fridge? Is it under new management? Ownership? Have the cows unionized?

By the way, does anyone know if they certify that they do not use milk from DA cows?

It would be nice to have honestly KOSHER Cholov Yisroel milk, and have it last.

Where I live, we have long-lasting cholov yisroel milk, but no one will tell me if they keep DA cows out of the milking heard.

Getting to like Soy milk (with a hechsher) at least it is kosher.


the makers of this product are ganeffs and are making a mockery of original ideas


It is the same milk produced at the same plant (#36-8787 on both labels). Only the distributor is different. I'll leave it to others to tease out the backstory.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if adding the "Cacher Hong Kong" heksher (and the new New Square shtempel to boot) adds another 30-40 cents to the price.


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