Tuesday, November 04, 2008

If you don't vote you don't count! 

I wish I had time to vote I am so so busy. one vote won't change the outcome. I support all of you who vote.


what are you so busy with sleeping toll 11 then davening at munkatch till one????????


NY will anyways go to Obama... so if you live in NY your vote really wont make a difference...
you can vote just so they can see which districts voted for who...


"Sleeping toll 11"? Check the time stamp of his post.


voting took me no more than 5 minutes


one vote wont change the outcome=loser...nevermind that jews around the world have died for the right to vote...showing you dont care enough will show the politicians to not care about your community


Get off you rear! Go vote!

We need to show what we as a community stand for. And for whom we stand.

If you believe the polls are always right, Google this famous headline, "Dewey Defeats Truman."

Remember who said, "I will never allow another Holocaust--" John McCain.

You have until 9:00 P.M., enough time for Mincha, Maariv and dinner.

Vote McCain!


Hey guys, lets wake up and smell the coffee, looks like last chance to get close to Hashem do Teshuva and the rest of it.

Pack your bags go to Israel to greet Moshiach. America the Golden country is being tarnished TODAY it's over for us Yeeden. lets get out while the doors are still open............... pack your Shabbos clothing Tallis basics only. get on the next flight anywhere in the world, run away from USA.......... I will wave to you in the air.

"Look you might think I am OFF the wall but the handwriting is ON the wall".

Join US.


ANON-4:03PM YOU are so right, lets go back in history and see what happened in Nazi Germany when Hitler was elected president the Jews said look nothing is happening to us and then six million....




mazel tov


mcain is winning


All of you, anon 9:42, 11:14, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??Didnt you hear of doing your hishtadlus, everyone thought there was nothing they could do about Hitler, ymsh, either...and LOOK!! You have a chance to change history..GET OFF YOUR BEHIND and VOTE..or the fallout is YOUR FAULT!! GO NOW< you have until 9PM!


O.K. you are right, I should of voted. sorry America


congrats all you non voters (regardless of whether you were lazy or a FELON), you have successfully elected a TERRORIST to the most powerful leadership position in the free world.

Good job!


Bush was a bigger terrorist.


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