Monday, November 17, 2008

New street plazas endanger people's lives 

The new plazas that were installed on the streets in Manhattan as an indirect way to make it even more difficult for car drivers, end up endangering the lives of the people that sit there in the event of even slight driver error.

Pics sent in by Eli

Here you go.

When in williamsburg, people are complaining about it, all the blogs made fun of them.

what a shame


This looks stunning. I wish they make this on 13th Avenue.

Who needs cars? Except for Hatzolah, Shomrim, & Chesed Org?


do the people sitting at those tables also have to pay "conjestion tax" since there in the middle of the street.


How do you know that? Or do you just want more space to drive your car and continue polluting the air and otherwise mess up the city?


Those large flower pots are meant to serve as a buffer should a car choose to veer off the road.


? said...

your right lets just leave 1 lane for traffic-so we dont pollute the air-what about the taxis trucks-we should ban those too-ever think that traffic caused by taking 1 lane away on a major street also causes pollution-you make alot of sense-lets put a cafe on the belt parkway too-


Endanger lives? How safe do you want to live? You can always just stay home. Or yet, live in the waiting room of a hospital, just in case.


MORON - Those are not buffers they will STOP NOTHING and cause a tremendous amount of shrapnel once hit by a vehicle and cause additional harm to any unfortante sole in its path THIS MAYOR HAS GOT TO GO !!!


this is not dangerous at all! It's acutally beautiful. You can sit outside and see the gorgeous view of times square. Smart idea, we all love it! ♥


its a real smart idea when theres traffic and the exhaust pipe from the car/bus is 2 feet from you and your chocking on fumes and never mind the honking 2 feet from you-its a real slice of paradise in the urban jungle- i agree bloomberg has got to go


This Moron Bloomberg has been visting Europe too much lately.He thinks NY is like Paris with its narrow streets & outdoor cafes.I normal times we would has commited a mayor that puts tables & chairs in the middle of the street to a mental institution.The mutimillion dollar lawsuit againt the city is waiting once a cab runs over someone sitting at those tables. You risk your life walking on the sidewalk much less siting in a Paris like plaza in the nmiddle of the street.BLOOMBERG HAS DECLARED WAR AGAINST THE CAR!!This idea will come to 13th ave if we dont get rid of him.


Are the new bike lanes on Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach Channel Drive Mike Bloomberg's idea too?


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