Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind at the polls in Boro-Park 

Apparently concerned about winning his Assembly seat, Dov Hikind made his way to the polling place on 16th Avenue and 56th Street in Boro-Park. Exit polls thus far are inconclusive whether the winner will be Dov Hikind or very possibly Dov Hikind.

Sent in by a Chaptzem reader

The clarity is breathtaking.




Dov is standing on the corner of 56th and 16th. I guess he's afraid of all the write-in votes for Mickey Mouse.


Dov cannot vote in BP - he doesn't live there.


Is'nt there a law that you cannot capaign with in 1,500 feet of an election polls site?


dov hikind is voting as repoblicion and dem.


Maybe he thought that there is a Child Molester there. Don't forget its a school that he is standing by.


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