Sunday, November 30, 2008

Omission: Mumbai 

This post is in regard to all the messages that we have been receiving about why we reported nothing on the terror in Mumbai.

While we sat glued to our seat with one eye in a Tehilim and one eye on IBN/CNN, we felt that there was nothing that we could add to the reporting that was not being already speculated and confusingly and irresponsibly posted by others without much basis in fact.

With regard to all the messages that we have been receiving from everyone who knows exactly why this tragedy happened, please get a life. You have no idea why this happened, other than because there are still animals in this day and age who because they resemble human beings in their form are afforded the same rights as human beings.

To all you masochists who are sending us messages that as a kaparah new takanahs should be instituted that Yidden should stop doing this or stop doing that, is that really what Hashem wants us to do? Does he want us to merely assuage our guilt by banning things and doing nothing positive? What will that accomplish? Absolutely nothing.

As Torah Jews we are firm believers in looking beyond ourselves. Our religion is bigger than any one of us and we all have a responsibility one to another, and to the world as a whole. Only by looking beyond ourselves and by contributing and spreading good throughout the world can we ever really correct, or accomplish anything. It is not by what we take away, but rather what we give that counts. We can only fight the darkness with light.

In the next couple of days we will post links to the various funds that have been setup to help the families of victims of this attack and to help spread good.

If you think you have it all figured out and that you'll be helping anyone by stopping all concerts, then go right ahead and lock yourself in your room, put ash on your head and ridicule everything everyone does. However, if you want to be part of the solution and help to change the world for the better, start by being and doing good. Think and do positive!

you are 100% right
hashem sends a message
to us as a whole
and each one of us learns from it. what it means. to himself

kol hakavod le'am yisroel


I am proud of you. Very positive message. I like the original take on things.

Ach tov Vchesed yirdefuni kol yemei chayai

If Dovid Hamelech who had countless problems in his life was able to say this, then we certainly can do the same.




I am one of those people who sent a text on why there was no story posted- i don't have answers or expect answers. but I expected you to at least acknowledge it. Bad taste not to list it and then list a picture from best buy of idiots sleeping there


I am glad you have SOME normal people who visit your site, who took the time to voice their criticism of your lack of coverage of the Mumbai massacre. I too was awed by the fact that you were too preoccupied by Shauly Grossman's letter, and the "Kabbalah news" to even voice a word of sympathy or horror or pain for the tragedy that we were all suffering through. Your editorial today is nice, and we look forward to the good it will accomplish. But coming as it is, three days late, speaks volumes about the shallowness of this site.


please, please, please

go ahead and post the comments who know why this happened. It would be so fun to read the comments of these shmuchs who call themselves talmidei chachomim.

Oh, if you wouldn't mind, please include their phone numbers and addresses so we can all pay them a visit.


I think someone is very angry...
(I think you should have mentioned something... but who am I to lecture the master...)
this is also my first comment about all of this. it was just terrible, I havent felt so broken for a long time and I really got closer to hashem with Tfilah and Maasim Tovim. I keep thinking about the 5 victims (and all the victims) and how horrified they where before they deid, what went trough their mind, the mother listening to her baby cry in the other room and not being able to help, she probabely did cry to death from the unimaginable pain, the father seeing his wife die and not being able to help her but wait for his own faith shakingly, rabbi teitelbaum feeling so sad and alone, so far from his wife and 8 children he probably said a krias shma like a holy kodosh and was mazdik the din. oy, may hashem help us all and may they all be a meiliz yosher. amen.



Chaptzem Blog Editor:

Kol Hakavod. Although it is painful to watch the tragedy in Mumbai, life continued around the world, and it is almost l'havdil comparing this to a nasty car accident.. where people stop and stare but no one helps...

Chaptzem was the one place in the past few days, where I could go without tears in my eyes and a pain in my soul.

Well Done. Thank you. Auf Simchos.


I couldn't agree with you more chaptzem , this is a clear and direct message to all of us in klal yisroel

all i have to saw is that if a small group of people want to do a huge amount of evil things then imagine for one second if a humongous group of people did good things for the world , it would change the world for the better i feel


I much prefer your approach to this tragedy than the irresponsible armchair reporting engaged by other blogs. In an effort to scoop the story, they reported early Thursday afternoon that Rabbi Holzberg was found dead. Did they consider whether the obscure Indian news outlet credited with disseminating this information was creditable before blasting it for a few hours that fateful afternoon? Did they wonder why no respectable media agency was reporting this story? Was any thought given to how family members who were desperate for news on their loved ones might react? Lastly, if even one person stopped davening after reading those reports, should they not be held accountable? As everyone now knows, the Rabbi was not murdered r"l until late Friday afternoon based on the condition of his body. This is why anonymous bloggers have no business pretending to be reporters. At least with an established news agency, they know if they blow a story there will be repercussions, not the least of which is their reputation. They should apologize to their readers for acting recklessly.


I am one of the people who sent you a link to the story last Friday.

Posting the story here would have given your readers an opportunity to discuss the serious event. A couple with ties to Crown Heights and a rabbi connected to Borough Park were murdered (not to mention at least one more Jew).

If this does not merit a discussion, I don't know what does.

As I write (6:08 P.M.), New York 1 is showing video of a vigil in memory of Rabbi and Mrs. Holtzeberg.

Would you like us to discuss this here or should we go to a "goyish" website?


I agree and appreciate your honesty. If though I have no ill will to any of the sites and actually feel they did a tremendous job in covering it I really understand how you just chose to stay out of it.
May Hashem give strength to the many many shlichim we visit so many times over the years for so many various reasons in so many different places - we all know who we are - we are hundreds and thousands that partake of the Ahvas Yisroel found in those places away from home.
May HAshem heal the wounds of all the Kedoishim that fell that day and may we just be able to move on.


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