Thursday, November 20, 2008

On 5th Ave., Discounts Arrive Early 

Up and down Fifth Avenue, it is hard not to see red. Along the storied avenue, once immune to garish displays of retail desperation, shops of all persuasions are using crimson sale signs as bait to lure in skittish consumers.

Just as Warren E. Buffett said recently of stocks — that now is the time to scoop them up — so, too, is now an ideal moment to, say, grab a really cheap scoop-neck sweater at the Gap, which was among many stores offering “Friends and Family” discounts of 30 percent off the entire inventory this weekend.

Or, if one happens into Takashimaya, the deluxe, eclectic Japanese department store at Fifth Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets, was selling a $290 pair of black pony hair gloves for $199. On Monday, a sign in the window of H & M’s flagship shop at 51st Street advertised a one-day 30-percent-off sale on outerwear. Four blocks down at Ann Taylor, where sales signs line the window, a saleswoman said discounting had been under way “pretty much since Halloween,” with no end in sight. Red signs promised up to 30 percent off at Armani Exchange over the weekend, while the Cole Haan shop at Rockefeller Plaza was having more “whisper sales,” one clerk said, offering 30 percent off to whoever wandered in.


nice Spitzel


I really dont like sterotyping, but why do williamsburg ladys buy the most expensive clothing. You most likely will meet them in expensive stores, rather in a thrift shop.


i really dont like stereotyping , but why are modern people always looking for an excuse to make negativew comments about chassidim. you will most likley find them saying negative comments ussaly based on nothing but theyre personal greivances. im just saying!


I don't like stereotyping, but why is it that I automatically know what type of basic education a blogger has had based on his/her writing (spelling) capabilities??


I really don't like stereotyping but why is it that the modern anti-chasidim always find some petty detail like shopping or bad spelling to point out about our fellow Jewish brothers - the Chasidim?


A question....are the two
ladies a mother/daughter
team shoppers.
They both have a determined
look and walk.


i really dont like sterotyping but why do you idiots feel that if you post a comment ona blog it somehow becomes fact,and obviously by virtue of walking by a store you shop there. with that brilliant train of logic if they were walking in front of a construction site you fools would ask how dare chassidishe woman work in construction. next time youre ugly hate rears its filthy head have the sense to mask it in some sort of logical argument. btw hitler would be proud of you , you sound like a moden day incarnation of the judenrat


one girl looks chasidish the other girl looks like she is from Stern College or Touro. since when do chasidsh girls wear knapsacks,


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